Books Tor Staff Are Thankful For <3
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Books Tor Staff Are Thankful For <3

Books Tor Staff Are Thankful For <3

Where would we be without our books? is a tough question, and not just because we work for Tor. Before we were workers in publishing, we were people who enjoyed books, and we’re still that. We always will be.

In spirit of the season, here’s some of the books that Tor staff are thankful for this year.

one for my enemy by olivie blakeOne for My Enemy by Olivie Blake

Increasingly, I am becoming convinced of the singular importance of vibes, and its verb form, vibing. Vibing is a modification of everything else you do—it’s existing with intention and style. So I’m going to talk about now, a book with impeccable vibes, where rival witch dynasties compete for each other’s affections and dominance over Manhattan’s magical, criminal underworld. It’s One for My Enemy, and it vibes severely.

a cat, Assistant Marketing Manager

Image Place holder  of - 78He Who Drowned the World by Shelley Parker-Chan

I lost my entire mind about She Who Became the Sun back in 2021, so I spent a few months emotionally preparing myself for the emotional sledgehammer of He Who Drowned the World. What I wasn’t prepared for was how laugh-out-loud funny the contrast would be, flip-flopping between Zhu’s point of view (as she happily pursues her desired career path) and everyone else’s narration (angst, vengeance, wallowing in guilt and grief). Iconic, show-stopping, inimitable, unparalleled — I am grateful to Shelley Parker-Chan for simply existing in their awesomeness, for single-handedly writing the queer cdrama they wanted to see in the world, and for illustrating the principle that living well is, in fact, the best revenge. Ming Dynasty China will never be the same.

Yvonne Ye, Ad/Promo Coordinator

lent by jo waltonLent by Jo Walton

This year I am grateful for a book that kept me up way past my bedtime. Lent is full of twists, tormented monks, and demons, demons, demons. Read this fiendishly clever, fantastical take on historical fiction at your own peril and definitely not if you need to wake up early the next morning.

Merlin Hoye, Marketing Assistant

bookshops & bonedust by travis baldreeBookshops & Bonedust by Travis Baldree

This is the year of Travis Baldree. Legends & Lattes was my favorite book of 2022 and he knocked it out of the park once again with Bookshops & Bonedust. It was another perfect, cozy, sapphic fantasy novel with just an edge of bittersweet longing that had me clutching the book to my heart. I’m so grateful for the comfort and joy this book provided me with this year and I can’t wait to re-read this book again. And again. And again.

Rachel Taylor, Senior Marketing Manager

Starter Villainstarter villain by john scalzi by John Scalzi

Oh, to be able to read this book all over again with fresh eyes. Starter Villain by John Scalzi is such a fun, fast-paced romp that asks the very important, age-old question: what if my cats could talk (and also I was rich)? The cats would tell you to read this book about inheriting evil empires, unionizing dolphins, many (many) assassins, and one divorced substitute teacher who just wants to be able to keep his house.

Lizzy Hosty, Publishing Strategy Assistant

What books are you thankful for? Let us know in the comments!