The Art of Deceit: TOR’s Finest Liars Revealed


The Art of Deceit: TOR’s Finest Liars Revealed

Our Favorite Non-Humanoid Aliens

Spoiler Warning: This blog post contains spoilers for various books. Proceed with caution if you prefer to discover plot twists and character revelations firsthand.

Welcome, bookworms and truth-seekers alike, to a deep-dive into the world of Tor’s charmingly deceptive characters! These literary liars are here to spin tales, bend truths, and keep us guessing. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of witty deceptions and clever fabrications as we uncover the finest fibbers in our beloved books.

Lukan Gardova (The Silverblood Promise by James Logan)

The Silverblood Promise

Starting with Lukan Gardova, the epitome of nobility and wealth, or so it seems. Beneath the veneer of his prestigious lineage lies a ne’er-do-well partying failson who squandered his inheritance in an ill-advised duel. However, when foul play targets his estranged father, Lukan finds himself thrust into a game of deception and intrigue. To unravel the mystery, he must tread carefully, juggling truths and lies as he delves into a world where uncovering the truth means embracing the art of deceit.

Giovanni Lawson (In the Lives of Puppets by TJ Klune)

In the Lives of Puppets

Warning: Spoilers ahead! Meet Giovanni Lawson, the cunning liar at the heart of this story. Playing the role of a father (akin to Geppetto), Giovanni has spun a web of deceit around his adopted human son, leading him to believe in a fabricated narrative involving the eradication of all human life and more. But beware, dear reader, for beneath these falsehoods lies a truth that may surprise you…

Talasseres (Tal) Charossa ( The Unspoken Name by A. K. Larkwood)

The Unspoken Name

Introducing Talasseres (Tal) Charossa, a scrappy rogue and dedicated pessimist with a knack for deception among his many skills. He’s not afraid to resort to backstabbing, thievery, and, crucially for this list, lying to achieve his goals. What does he want, you ask? Mostly, it’s just to excel at his tasks and maybe earn a morsel of acknowledgment from his boss—well, more of a crush, really—Belthandros Sethennai, who, Tal can’t help but note, is a wizard with a garbage track record.

Raine (Daughter of Redwinter by Ed McDonald)

Daughter of Redwinter

Last, but certainly not least is Raine, a survivor in a world where lying isn’t a choice but a necessity. Unlike those who lie for selfish reasons or excitement, Raine’s lies are a lifeline. In a setting akin to a Bruce Willis blockbuster (though she’d find that notion bewildering), the Daughter of Redwinter navigates a third-world highland fantasy where seeing the deceased is not just a quirk but a grave danger. In her reality, such visions mark one for immediate destruction. Thus, Raine’s adeptness at deception isn’t a luxury but a vital skill for her very existence.


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