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Epic Fantasy Reads for Winter

It’s February, and that means it’s still winter. Sigh. Whether there’s snow on the ground or not, this is usually when the unrelenting cold really starts to get to us. What’s our solution to winter blues? Settle in with a good fantasy read, a cup of hot cocoa, and Fireplace for Your Home on Netflix, since most of us don’t have fireplaces. Add in a warm blanket and it’s practically heaven! What are you reading to this winter?

An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors by Curtis Craddock

Place holder  of - 45 Palace intrigue, a fierce and intelligent princess, a loyal and crafty musketeer, airships…Curtis Craddock’s debut epic fantasy is a perfect book to hide under a blanket with this winter! Part traditional fantasy, part swashbuckling adventure, Brandon Sanderson called it “a great read”, An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors is bound to spice things up as the snow falls.

The Tiger’s Daughter by K. Arsenault Rivera

Image Place holder  of - 32 If you want to spent your short winter days and long winter nights with a pair of badass women, try The Tiger’s Daughter. Follow the adventures of the infamous Qorin warrior Barsalayaa Shefali and her best friend, the divine warrior empress O Shizuka as they try to save their respective lands from a truly insidious evil.

Death’s Mistress by Terry Goodkind

Image Placeholder of - 92Book One of Terry Goodkind’s Nicci Chronicles, an epic new series focused on a fan-favorite character from the Sword of Truth series, is full of sorcery, treachery and blood and is sure to go with your hot beverage of choice. Even better, once you’ve finished Death’s Mistress you can pick up the sequel, Shroud of Eternitywithout having to wait.

The Midnight Front by David Mack

Placeholder of  -90 Sometimes the only way to get through winter is to embrace the dark and cold. There’s no better way to do that than with the first book in David Mack’s Dark Arts series. Set during World War II, The Midnight Front introduces a new front to the conflict: a magickal one. Even heroes will make a pact with the devil if it can help defeat the Nazis and their sorcerers.

Miranda and Caliban by Jacqueline Carey

Poster Placeholder of - 72 Maybe you’re looking for fantasy with a more classical feeling this winter. If so, we recommend Miranda and Caliban, Jacqueline Carey’s lyrical retelling of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. While Shakespeare focused his tale around Prospero, the arrogant, iconic magus, Carey chooses to tell the tale from a different perspective: that of Miranda and Caliban, as they grow up together and forge a bond that endures despite knowing the relationship is both doomed and forbidden.

Child of a Mad God by R.A. Salvatore

If you prefer character-driven stories when you’re reading in front of (we hope) a cozy fire this winter, then how about R. A. Salvatore’s Child of a Mad God? Meet Aoleyn, a young woman who’s lost her family and must fend for herself among a tribe that does everything it can to beat her down. Instead of bowing to tradition, Aoleyn fights back with everything she has–including magic that both protects her and makes her a target for those around her.

The Mongrel Mage by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

Are you a fan of binge watching? How about binge reading? If so, maybe try L. E. Modesitt, Jr. His latest book in the Saga of Recluce starts a brand new story arc, introducing Beltur, a man fleeing from a powerful white mage as he attempts to uncover his own power. The best part is the huge backlist of titles set on the world of Recluce, featuring 19 titles so far and multiple spin-off series. Modesitt’s immense world will keep you entertained not just for the rest of winter, but possibly the rest of the year!

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