Tor Books Announces Programming for New York Comic-Con 2015

It’s time for New York Comic Con again! This year, we are pleased to announce that the Tor: The Next Generation! stage from BEA has been chosen as a panel. As always, Tor Books will continue its popular in-booth (#2223) signings and giveaways, offering you a chance to meet your favorite authors and pick up free books! Our exciting line-up includes author appearances by John Scalzi, Catherynne M. Valente, Charlie Jane Anders, and more!

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Thursday, October 8th

• 12:00pm Tor Booth Signing: The End of All Things – John Scalzi

• 1:30pm – 2:30pm Tor: The Next Generation!, Room 1A18
Tor Books celebrates 35 years of publishing quality SFF by some of the biggest names in genre today! But even Orson Scott Card and Brandon Sanderson were once unknowns. Meet 2015’s new authors and see what makes them tick in a game of “Would You Rather” with host John Scalzi (The End of All Things) and featuring: Ilana C. Myer (Last Song Before Night), Seth Dickinson (The Traitor Buru Cormorant), Lawrence M. Schoen (Barsk: The Elephant’s Graveyard), and Fran Wilde (Updraft).
Panelists: Seth Dickinson, Ilana C. Myer, Lawrence M. Schoen, Fran Wilde
Moderator: John Scalzi
Rm: 350 seat room

• 2:45pm – Signing to follow, Bookstore Hall 1-B

• 2:00pm Tor Booth Signing: 24: Rogue – David Mack

• 5:00pm Tor Booth Signing: Updraft and Barsk: The Elephant’s Graveyard – Fran Wilde and Lawrence M. Schoen joint signing

Friday, October 9th

• 12:00pm Tor Booth Signing: Last Song Before Night – Ilana C. Myer

• 2:00pm Tor Booth Signing: Luna: New Moon – Ian McDonald

• 5:00pm Tor Booth Signing: The Traitor Baru Cormorant – Seth Dickinson

• 5:15pm Science in Fiction, Room 1B03
Look at something like The Martian vs. The Fold vs. the Iron Man movies. Is hard science always a good thing? Authors discuss the pros and cons and the sometimes slippery slope of including hard science in a work of fiction, especially in a paradigm era of technological development.
Panelists: A.G. Riddle, Mindy McGinnis, Robin Wasserman, Ian McDonald, Barry Lyga
Moderator: Peter Clines

• 6:45 PM – Signing to follow, Bookstore Hall 1-B

Saturday, October 10

• 12:00pm Tor Booth Signing: Trial of Intentions – Peter Orullian

• 1:30pm Masters of Unreality: Heavy Metal and SFF, Room 1A18
It’s well known that heavy metal songs have been based on fantasy novels; however, it can be argued that they’re also the perfect soundtrack to any battle scene, whether deep in the forest or in deep space. Authors Myke Cole, Michael Fletcher, and Peter Orullian are not just talented writers, but they’ve all been in metal bands! Join them along with James Dashner as they discuss what they listen to as they write epic scenes, discuss seminal albums and how the two cross reference each other.
Panelists: Peter Orullian, Myke Cole, Michael R. Fletcher
Moderator: Tricia Narwani of Del Rey

• 1:45pm Signing to follow

• 2:00pm Tor Booth Signing: All the Birds in the Sky – Charlie Jane Anders

• 4:00pm Books to Movies Wishlist, Room A101
The Martian. Foundation. American Gods. Redshirts: So many iconic SFF novels are finally scheduled to it the big screen, thanks to the rabid fandom of recent dramatizations of Game of Thrones, Outlander, The Hunger Games, and Divergent. But what’s on the big screen wish list of this panel of bestselling speculative fiction superstars? They all agree that the obvious franchises have been done already – and now, they want to discuss with NYCC attendees what lesser-know/cult fave titles should invade theaters and march into cable programming! Join us for a nerdy-fun discussion about which science fiction and fantasy must-reads would really make celluloid magic!
Panelists: Christopher Golden, Chuck Wendig, Jennifer Armentrout, Charlie Jane Anders
Moderator: Michael Underwood

• 5:15pm Signing to Follow, Bookstore Hall 1-B

• 5:00pm Tor Booth Signing: Radiance – Catherynne M. Valente

Sunday, October 11

• 12:00pm Tor Booth Signing: Chasing the Phoenix – Michael Swanwick

• 1:30pm Get Out of Your Chair and Off the Planet! Room A101
Whether it’s satisfying readers’ desires for interstellar armchair travel or sparking ambitions for SF fans to pursue extra-terrestrial encounters, in actuality, science fiction is the fiction of the imagination and inspiration. Authors Michael Swanwick, Jay Allen, Catherynne M. Valente, Judd Winnick, CH Higgin stake readers to the final frontier … and beyond.
Panelists: Michael Swanwick, Catherynne M. Valente, CH Higgins, Judd Winnick
Moderator: Maryelizabeth Hart

• 2:45pm Signing to follow, Bookstore Hall 1-B

*Giveaways are on a first-come, first-served basis