George R. R. Martin and Melinda Snodgrass talk Jokers and Wild Cards

Low Chicago is out in paperback (and soon to be a Hulu show)! Learn more about the Wild Cards world with this interview with editors George R. R. Martin and Melinda Snodgrass, and Wild Cards authors Caroline Spector, John Jos. Miller, and Walter Jon Williams.

In the Wild Cards world, you can’t understate the importance of Jokers, the supers who got the short end of the stick. In a world filled with aces and jokers, these authors ask, what does it truly mean to be human?


Check out Low Chicago:

In Low Chicago, a gang of criminals scattered throughout the past threaten the stability of the world in George R. R. Martin’s latest Wild Cards adventure.

The stakes were already high enough at Giovanni Galante’s poker table that night in Chicago. Poker. Dealer’s choice. Seven players. A million-dollar cash buy-in.

But after a superpowered mishap, the most high-profile criminals in the city are scattered throughout the past and their schemes across time threaten the stability of the world.

Perfect for current fans and new readers alike, Low Chicago is an all-new time travel adventure that highlights the criminal underworld of 1920s Chicago, featuring a fresh cast of characters from the Wild Cards universe.

Co-edited by #1 New York Times bestselling author George R. R. Martin and Melinda M. Snodgrass (screenwriter, Star Trek), Low Chicago features the writing talents of Saladin Ahmed (author of the bestselling comic Black Bolt), Paul Cornell (screenwriter, Doctor Who), Marko Kloos (author of the bestselling Frontlines series), John Jos. Miller, Mary Anne Mohanraj (Bodies in Motion, The Stars Change), Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy and Theodore Sturgeon Award finalist Christopher Rowe, Kevin Andrew Murphy, and Melinda M. Snodgrass.

“Martin has assembled an impressive array of writers. . . . Progressing through the decades, Wild Cards keeps its momentum.”—Locus

Now in development for TV: Rights to develop Wild Cards for TV have been acquired by Universal Cable Productions, the team that brought you The Magicians and Mr. Robot, with the co-editor of Wild Cards, Melinda Snodgrass as executive producer.

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Originally published August 30th, 2017.