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5 Historical Fiction Books About World War II to Add to Your TBR

opens in a new windowBy Lizzy Hosty

Comes the War, the second in the Eddie Harkins series which began with Blame the Dead published last year follows Harkins, a Military Police officer who’s tasked with solving murder mysteries against the backdrop of World War II. To get you ready for Comes the War, Ed Ruggero’s latest, here’s a list of more thrilling books set in WWII.

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opens in a new windowThe Milkweed Triptych by Ian Tregillis

This thrilling series by Ian Tregillis explores an alternative WWII where the Nazis have supermen and the British have demons. Book one, Bitter Seeds, follows Raybould Marsh, a British secret agent, as he tries to rally support against the Germans. Book two, The Coldest War, explores the nuclear conflict following this version of WWII, and book three, Necessary Evil, has Marsh travelling back to WWII to save humanity from aliens who are watching the war.

opens in a new windowA Midwinter’s Tale by Andrew M. Greeley

A Midwinter’s Tale by Andrew M. Greeley is the first in the Family Saga series following the O’Malley family, an Irish American family. Charles “Chucky” Cronin O’Malley is stationed in Germany after the end of WWII where he meets and falls in love with Trudi, all while the two try to avoid smugglers, black marketeers, border patrols, and even the US Army.

This Light Between Us: A Novel of World War II by Andrew Fukuda opens in a new window

This ALA award-winning YA novel by Andrew Fukuda explores the effects of WWII’s impact on Japanese Americans, specifically Alex Maki who fosters an unlikely friendship in his pen pal from France, Charlie Lévy. As the war looms, they hold onto the hope found in each other’s letters.

An Irish Doctor in Peace and at War by Patrick Taylor opens in a new window

Even though this is the ninth installment in the Irish Country series, the author, Patrick Taylor, takes us back to before the events of the first book, An Irish Country Doctor, to explore Doctor O’Reilly’s life as a medic during WWII, while also cycling back to two decades later where life seems to be on repeat with an outbreak of German measles, the odd tropical disease, and secrets threatening his new life.

opens in a new windowBlame the Dead by Ed Ruggero

And of course, before you can truly enjoy Comes the War by Ed Ruggero, you should read the first in the series, Blame the Dead, detailing Eddie Harkins first brush with investigating a murder mystery at the US Army’s 11th Field Hospital. While book two takes place in England, book one is set in Sicily, and both are imbued with intrigue and suspicion intrinsic only to World War II politics.

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