The Goblin Emperor Official .Gif Recap

The Witness for the Dead, the standalone sequel to bestselling and beloved The Goblin Emperor, is out in the world and we thought this would be a great time to revisit The Goblin Emperor with a .gif recap down memory lane. Check it out here!

An exiled cinnamon roll of a prince named Maia finds himself suddenly the remaining heir to a throne.

He boards an airship home ASAP (let’s not think about how it was an airship crash that took out the emperor and the other heirs).

Maia is assigned Nohecharei—aka guards who will stick by his side 24/7 no matter what.

Maia has to deal with the fact that he can NEVER be alone again.

Coronation time!

It comes to light that the airship accident that took out of a chunk of the royal family might be suspect.

The rest of the court are pretty skeptical. It’s just politics, Maia.

Our new emperor gets a Witness for the Dead on the case. If the living don’t have the answers, perhaps the dead will!

Court politics, dinners, and dances are super stressful.

The previous emperor’s approach to his subjects was less than ideal.

Maia strives to do better, but everyone has different advice and expectations.

Maia is very stressed.

As if politics and murder mysteries weren’t enough, everyone also wants Maia to pick a bride.

Inner Maia when faced with scheming relatives, murder attempts, and non-stop meetings.

Outer Maia when dealing with the above.

By the end of The Goblin Emperor, all a reader wants to do is give Maia a very long hug.

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