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5 Thrillers Set in Hawaii to Read This Summer

5 Thrillers Set in Hawaii to Read This Summer

Summer is upon us and if you’re looking for a Hawaiian thriller to tide you over until the next season of The White Lotus, look no further! John Teschner’s upcoming novel Project Namahana brilliantly combines all the gorgeous tropical scenery, dark secrets, and heart-pounding thrills that you crave. In anticipation of its release, here are a few thrillers examining the evil that lurks behind even the most idyllic setting…

11660590Micro by Michael Crichton and Richard Preston

A group of graduate students travel to Hawaii to work for a groundbreaking biotech company but soon find themselves stranded in the jungle and fighting for their lives.  Crichton shows us what happens when nature and technology clash in this thrilling techno-thriller full of murder, mysterious weapons, and the dangers of the natural world.

Blood Orchids by Toby Neal

The first installment in Toby Neal’s thrilling Paradise Crime series introduces readers to tough Hawaiian cop Lei Texeira. Lei has overcome a tragic past but when she finds two murdered teenagers, all her old memories come rushing back. To solve the case, she must battle her own ghosts as well as a killer who finds her increasingly fascinating. Soon Lei is trapped in a thrilling game of cat and mouse where she begins to question her very sanity.

Project NamahanaProject Namahana by John Teschner

After a string of deaths and disappearances in the jungles of Kauai, a pair of men set out to find answers to the mystery plaguing the island.  Tempers flare as the local community clashes with the greed of corporate farming and it soon becomes clear that amid the lush jungles and gorgeous beaches, all is not as it seems.


Death in Paradise by J.E. Trent

Jessica Kealoha is a L.A. homicide detective with a complicated family life and when her father dies in a plane wreck, she immediately suspects that it was no accident. She returns to her childhood home and reconnects with her family while also working to solve the mystery of her father’s death. Full of twists, turns, and a dash of romance, Death in Paradise will have you staying up past your bedtime to get to its thrilling conclusion.

Bones of Hilo by Eric Redman

Kawaka Wong is a young detective struggling to prove himself so when a wealthy businessman shows up murdered on a golf course with an ancient Hawaiian spear driven through his heart, Wong jumps at the chance to solve such a high-profile case. He soon finds himself tangled up in the mysterious history of the island as well as a string of grisly murders and he quickly realizes he may have gotten more than he bargained for.

Post written by Merlin Hoye

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