A Letter to New Apprentices of the Grent Royal Glassworks

Enter the world of In the Shadow of Lightning, by Brian McClellan, where magic is a finite resource…and it’s running out. Learn more about that magic, in this guide to Godglass and the sigils that accompany it.

A Letter to New Apprentices of the Grent Royal Glassworks

Prepared by Thessa Foleer

Godglass—ubiquitous and essential, it is a common sorcerous bauble created by engineers and used throughout the world to enhance the native skills of the bearer. Forgeglass for the strength of soldiers and teamsters; witglass for the minds of politicians and strategists; dazeglass for the lost; cureglass for the wounded; museglass for the artist. Its uses are infinite, and its production turns the wheels of the modern world.

As those engineers, or siliceers as we are commonly known, that production is our responsibility. Here at the Grent Royal Glasswork we create the very best godglass demanded in every corner of the globe. As you begin as an apprentice and travel the long road to master you will come to have an intimate understanding of godglass, from its history, to the chemical composition of individual pieces, to their affect on the human body, to the economic impact through production and trade.

Accompanying this letter you will find a copy of my very first silic guide, drawn over my first few months as an apprentice to help me remember some of the basics—common silic sigils, formulas, and finished pieces. I encourage you to copy it, expand upon it, and even to draw your own guides for personal use or circulation. What we do is both a science and an art, and the field is widened through practice, hard work, experimentation, and collaboration.

I will oversee your apprenticeship beneath the expert gaze of the great Master Kastora. Not all of you will succeed. For those that do, I look forward to one day calling you my colleagues.

Thessa Foleer
The Grent Royal Glassworks

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