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"Escape the Haunted Library" in bubble text in front of cartoony scary building

Escape The Haunted Library

Endless night streams soft and silver through the reading room’s wide window. You are surrounded by volumes and tomes, candle and moonlight, and out that window—so many stars.

Inside there are so many spirits.

If you do not escape the library, you will join them. FOREVER.

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6 thoughts on “Escape The Haunted Library

  1. It was fun! One little thing, in the first page, ‘could not see its face’, remember that it’s with an apostrophe is for ‘it is’, not the possessive.

  2. Not sure how this is motivation?
    “If you do not escape the library, you will join them. FOREVER.”

  3. this is really fun! I’ve done it three times now and am now invested in trying to find out all the books they recommend.

    1. not sure about the first part, but you can fin the second part of the code by examining the maps in the cartography room (go to the foyer, follow the sidelong path to the stacks, then enter the map room). for the last part of the code, climb out an ajar window from the attic (go to the upper hallway and up the stairs to get there) and then make your way to the tower.

      1. You find the first one by descending all the way to the bottom and going to the children’s bookshelves, following the clink of porcelain, and entering the tea party. Then you descend to the wine cellar and try to tap a keg. It’s empty, but it has the first number written on it.

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