Tor Books Presents…Dragon Week: TOKYO DRIFT!

We are SO HYPED that we got to bring you our third annual Dragon Week, voted by you and thus named Dragon Week: TOKYO DRIFT!!!! So what’s happened in this most glorious of weeks? Check out the roundup below!

Monday, 7/12: Are Hippos DRAGONS!?! Sarah Gailey Weighs In!

Tuesday, 7/13: Replacing Human Body Parts with Dragon Parts: Pros and Cons!

Tuesday, 7/13: Our Favorite Highlights from Dragon Weeks Past

Wednesday, 7/14: The Everyman’s Guide to Surviving a Dragon by Jenn Lyons

Wednesday, 7/14: How to Survive an Adventurer Attack: A Guide for Dragons

Thursday, 7/15: Dragons Vs. Sharks: 2019 Throwback!

Thursday, 7/15: Dragons Vs. Sharks: Tokyo Drift Style

Friday, 7/16: So, You Woke Up A Dragon? An 8-Step Guide to Survival from Brian Naslund

Friday, 7/16: Dragon Week: Tokyo Drift Playlist

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