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New Ebook Bundles: 12/4/2018

Here are the new ebook bundles that went on sale today!

The Complete Adversarial Cycle by F. Paul Wilson

Place holder  of - 40The battle has begun: On one side, the ultimate evil created by man, and on the other…the unthinkable, unstoppable, unknowing terror that man has inevitably awakened. Bestselling author F. Paul Wilson explores the evil of man—and the supernatural evil that man keeps alive.

This discounted ebundle includes: The Keep, The Tomb, The Touch, Reborn, Reprisal, Nightworld.

The Complete Galahad Archives by Dom Testa

Image Place holder  of - 44Life on Earth is over—and only 251 teens sent into space can save mankind in this gripping young adult science fiction adventure series by popular Colorado radio host Dom Testa.

The teenage crew of the starship Galahad must find a new home for humanity among the stars—if they fail, it will be the end of the human race….

The Complete Galahad Archives discounted ebundle includes: The Comet’s Curse, The Web of Titan, The Cassini Code, The Dark Zone, Cosmic Storm, The Galahad Legacy.

The Crossroads Series by Kate Elliott

Poster Placeholder of - 50In the land of the Hundred, peace has been hardwon–but a new army, led by a mysterious band of armed and soul-bonded corps that swoop across the skies, slowly casting a shadow over the world.

Realizing they must avert the coming invasion, a large cast of engaging characters rise up to defend their people and regions against an epic landscape. With masterful storytelling, uniquely mythic characters and a compelling plot, Elliott captivates readers in The Crossroads series.

The Crossroads series discounted ebundle includes: Spirit Gate, Shadow Gate, Traitors’ Gate.

Saga of Recluce: 10-13 by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

Placeholder of  -39L.E. Modesitt, Jr.’s bestselling fantasy novels set in the magical world of Recluce are among the most popular in contemporary fantasy. Each novel tells an independent story that nevertheless reverberates though all the other books in the series, to deepen and enhance the reading experience. Rich in detail, the Saga of Recluce is epic storytelling at its finest.

A world of warring magical forces: black order, white chaos, and shades of gray.

This discounted ebundle includes: Magi’i of Cyador, Scions of Cyador, The Wellspring of Chaos, Ordermaster.

The Red Dragon Rising Series by Larry Bond

Image Placeholder of - 16More than twenty years ago, Larry Bond helped Tom Clancy write Red Storm Rising, the iconic techno thriller of the Cold War era. Now he returns (with Jim DeFelice) to start a new classic series for our era, Larry Bond’s Red Dragon Rising, which imagines the globe torn apart by climate change and its economic and geopolitical fallout.

The Red Dragon Rising Series discounted ebundle includes: Shadows of War, Edge of War, Shock of War, Blood of War.


New Ebook Bundles: 11/13/2018

Here are the new ebook bundles that went on sale today!

The Tales of Alvin Maker by Orson Scott Card

Image Place holder  of - 32

From the author of Ender’s Game, an unforgettable fantasy tale about young Alvin Maker. In this alternative history of frontier America, folk magic actually works—dowsers find water and second sight warns of true dangers—and that magic has colored the entire history of the colonies. Alvin, the seventh son of a seventh son, is a Maker, the first to be born in a century. He must learn to use his gift wisely. But dark forces are arrayed against Alvin, and only a young girl with second sight can protect him.

This discounted ebundle includes: Seventh Son, Red Prophet, Prentice Alvin, Alvin Journeyman, Heartfire, The Crystal City.

The Lord of Isles Series by David Drake

Image Placeholder of - 74

David Drake’s The Lord of the Isles series is a towering and complex epic of heroic adventure in an extraordinary and colorful world where the elemental forces that empower magic are rising to a thousand-year peak. In the days following an unusually severe storm, the inhabitants of a tiny seaport town travel toward romance, danger, and astonishing magic that will transform them and their world.

This discounted ebundle includes: Lord of the Isles, Queen of Demons, Servant of the Dragon, Mistress of the Catacombs, Goddess of the Ice Realm, Master of the Cauldron.

Saga of Recluce: Books 6-9 by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

Placeholder of  -44

A world of warring magical forces: black order, white chaos, and shades of gray.

L.E. Modesitt, Jr.’s bestselling fantasy novels set in the magical world of Recluce are among the most popular in contemporary fantasy. Each novel tells an independent story that nevertheless reverberates though all the other books in the series, to deepen and enhance the reading experience. Rich in detail, the Saga of Recluce is epic storytelling at its finest.

This discounted ebundle includes: Fall of Angels, The Chaos Balance, The White Order, Colors of Chaos.


New Ebook Bundles: 10/9/18

Here are the new ebook bundles that went on sale today!

The Complete Shadow Grail Series by Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill

Poster Placeholder of - 10In this young adult fantasy series, losing her family is only the start of Spirit White’s problems. Wracked by grief after the accident that killed her family, Spirit is spirited away to Oakhurst Academy. But Oakhurst isn’t an ordinary school and orphanage: all the students have magical powers. Spirit’s power hasn’t manifested itself yet, but the administrators insist she has one. But that isn’t all: the school has some sinister secrets, and if she doesn’t solve its mysteries, she won’t survive until graduation.

This discounted ebundle includes Legacies, Conspiracies, Sacrifices and Victories.

The Milkweed Triptych by Ian Tregillis

Image Place holder  of - 29

HELLBOY meets X MEN meets RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK! The Milkweed series, beginning with Bitter Seeds, has British spies and warlocks working to defeat Hitlers’ Uber X Men…and one mad seer who would destroy timelines and most of humanity to save herself.

“A major talent.” –George R. R. Martin

This discounted ebundle includes Bitter Seeds, The Coldest War and Necessary Evil.


Saga of Recluce: Books 1-5 by L.E. Modesitt Jr.

Place holder  of - 88L.E. Modesitt, Jr.’s bestselling fantasy novels set in the magical world of Recluce are among the most popular in contemporary fantasy. Each novel tells an independent story that nevertheless reverberates though all the other books in the series, to deepen and enhance the reading experience. Rich in detail, the Saga of Recluce is epic storytelling at its finest.

A world of warring magical forces: black order, white chaos, and shades of gray.

This discounted ebundle includes Magi’i of Cyador, Scion of Cyador, Fall of Angels, The Chaos Balance and Arms-Commander.


The Sevenwaters Trilogy by Juliet Marillier 

Image Placeholder of - 40The start of Juliet Marillier’s award-winning Sevenwaters series, with tales of three amazing women of the Sevenwaters clan. They are part of a family bound into the lifeblood of Eire — these women will do everything to fulfill their promise to preserve magic for all time.

Even if it holds the destruction of all they love.

This discounted ebundle includes: Daughter of the Forest, Son of the Shadows, and Child of the Prophecy


New Ebook Bundles: 9/4/18

Here are the new ebook bundles that went on sale today!

The Necroscrope Quintet by Brian Lumley

Image Place holder  of - 50Brian Lumley’s Necroscope novels are a towering achievement in the horror genre. The classic series chronicles the adventures of the psychically gifted agents of E-Branch, Britain’s super-secret spy organization, and their battles across time and space against the malevolent, shape-shifting Vamphyri. Their exploits have spanned two worlds, almost twenty novels, and an infinity of time, and have inspired everything from comic books and graphic novels to sculptures and soundtracks.

This discounted ebundle includes Necroscope, Vamphyri, The Source, Deadspeak and Deadspawn.

The Complete Virga Series by Karl Schroeder

Image Placeholder of - 46Futurist Karl Schroeder groundbreaking space opera series envisions a world of endless sky, with no land, no gravity. This is Virga, a fullerene balloon universe three thousand kilometers in diameter. In this saga, we are given a rare and penetrating look into the post-human condition.

Beginning in the seminal science fiction novel Sun of Suns, the saga of Virga introduces us to the people of stubborn pride and resilience who have made this world their home. But lurking beyond the walls of Virga is the mysterious threat known only as Artificial Nature. Virga is hard science fiction space opera taken to the next level.

This discounted ebundle includes Sun of Suns, Queen of Candesce, Pirate Sun, Sunless Countries and Ashes of Candesce.

The Dinosaur Lords Trilogy by Victor Milán

Poster Placeholder of - 10

Victor Milán’s epic fantasy weird world of The Dinosaur Lords is a place that mirrors 14th century Europe with its dynastic rivalries, religious wars, and byzantine politics–except for their weapons of choice…

Paradise: a planet where humans are playthings of the gods. All they have is a thirst for freedom and fables of old gods who sit in judgment. Theirs is a dangerous world, for it is a paleontologist’s dream.

And so we have a world filled with knights. Knights riding dinosaurs…

This discounted ebundle includes Dinosaur Lords, Dinosaur Knights and Dinosaur Princess.

Tor Classics Collection by H.G. WellsPlace holder  of - 43

The literary giant that is H.G. Wells has written dozens of genre crossing novels. Most notably dubbed “Father of Science Fiction,” this collection of timeless novels include a range of topics from time travel to alien invasions. On a broader spectrum, Wells SF novels deal with the dichotomy of wanting a world of attainable utopia vs. believing in a sort of social Darwinism.

This discounted ebundle includes The War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, The Island of Dr. Moreau and The Invisible Man.



New EBook Bundles: 08/22/18

Here are the new ebook bundles on sale today!

A Kirk McGarvey Collection, Volume 1 by David Hargberg

Placeholder of  -39David Hagberg’s New York Times bestselling Kirk McGarvey books are action-packed thrillers CIA agent Kirk McGarvey as he fights terrorism, espionage, and all the biggest threats to the United States.

“David Hagberg is the pros’ pro, the plot master we all wish we were.” –Stephen Coonts

This discounted ebundle includes Without Honor, Countdown, Crossfire and Critical Mass.


A Peter Fallon and Evangeline Carrington Collection edited by Peter Fallon and Evangeline Carrington

Poster Placeholder of - 30In the thrilling Peter Fallon and Evangeline Carrington mystery series from New York Times bestselling author and “master storyteller” (Seattle Post-Intelligencer) William Martin, a rare-book expert and his girlfriend are time-traveling treasure hunters who track down documents and valuables seemingly gone for good. Their adventures place them on the trail of a lost draft of the Constitution in 1770s Philadelphia, a valuable box of missing bonds in 1780s New York City, and into a race across Washington D.C. for an incredibly important historical document: Abraham Lincoln’s diary.

This discounted ebundle includes Lost Constitution, City of Dreams and Lincoln Letter.


The Complete Clockwork Century by Cherie Priest

Image Placeholder of - 82Cherie Priest’s Clockwork Century is a steampunk/Victorian science fiction setting featuring an alternate history of the USA. It is the 1880’s and the Civil War is still underway. The competition of war has led to technological progress and horrors unimaginable, and many people have fled the combating states, hoping for an easier life out west. Some of them have found it. Some have found something far more sinister.

This discounted ebundle includes Boneshaker, Dreadnought, Ganymede, Inexplicables and Fiddlehead.


Annals of the Black Company by Glen Cook

Place holder  of - 20In this action-packed fantasy series, darkness wars with darkness as the hard-bitten mercenaries of the Black Company take their pay and do what they must. They bury their doubts with their dead.

This discounted ebundle includes The Black Company, Shadows Linger, The White Rose, Shadow Games, Dreams of Steel, The Silver Spike, Bleak Seasons, She Is The Darkness, Water Sleeps and Soldiers Live.


New Ebook Bundles: 7/10/18

Here are the new ebook bundles that went on sale today!

A Grand Tour Collection by Ben Bova

Placeholder of  -73The Grand Tour chronicles humanity’s struggles to colonize our solar system in the late 21st century. Ben Bova is a Hugo Award-winning editor, author, scientist, and journalist—a modern master of near-future science fiction and a passionate advocate of manned space exploration.

This discounted ebundle includes Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Tales of the Grand Tour, Powersat, Mercury,Titan, Mars Life, Leviathans of Jupiter, Farside, and New Earth.

A Wild Cards Collection: The Fort Freak Triad edited by George R.R. Martin

Place holder  of - 76In the aftermath of World War II, an alien virus struck the Earth, endowing a handful of survivors with extraordinary powers. Some were called aces—those with superhuman mental and physical abilities. Others were termed jokers—cursed with bizarre mental or physical disabilities. Some turned their talents to the service of humanity. Others used their powers for evil. Wild Cards is their story.

This discounted ebundle includes Fort Freak, Lowball, and High Stakes.

The Spin Saga Trilogy by Robert Charles Wilson

Poster Placeholder of - 25 One night in October when he was ten years old, Tyler Dupree stood in his back yard and watched the stars go out. They all flared into brilliance at once, then disappeared, replaced by a flat, empty black barrier. He and his best friends, Jason and Diane Lawton, had seen what became known as the Big Blackout. It would shape their lives.

This discounted ebundle includes SpinAxis, and Vortex.


New eBook Bundles: 6/12/18

Here are the new ebook bundles that went on sale today!

The Jerry Mitchell Series by Larry Bond

Image Placeholder of - 10 Larry Bond’s action-packed, military thriller Jerry Mitchell novels follow a U.S. Navy officer on international missions around the world to prevent conflicts from escalating into devastating wars.

This discounted ebundle includes Dangerous Ground, Cold Choices, Exit Plan, Shattered Trident, and Fatal Thunder.

The Green Universe Trilogy by Jay Lake

Placeholder of  -18 She was sold to the Undying Duke when she was only four years old, and raised to be the jewel of his possessions: courtesan, scholar, assassin. But Green had other plans, and with the aid of a Goddess and her own skill with weapons she took control of her destiny.

Green’s world encompasses cities and dusty equatorial villages, steam-powered ships and firearms, and the ever-present meddling of the gods and their parents, the titanics. Green’s service is claimed by the Lily Goddess of Kalimpura, the Black God of Copper Downs, her own personal god Endurance, and the titanic known as Desire; she wants only to be left alone to find her past and make her future.

This discounted ebundle includes Green, Endurance, and Kalimpura.

The Complete Fleet of Worlds: A Ringworld Series by Larry Niven and Edward M. Lerner

Place holder  of - 88Two hundred years before the discovery of the Ringworld, humans discover the history of their ancestors and revolt against the Puppeteers—a race they’ve held as saviors and been serving for generations.

This discounted ebundle includes Fleet of Worlds, Juggler of Worlds, Destroyer of Worlds, Betrayer of Worlds, and Fate of Worlds.

Tor Classics Collection: Jules Verne by Jules Verne

Image Place holder  of - 10All editions are complete and unabridged, and feature Introductions and Afterwords.

This discounted ebundle includes Journey to the Center of the Earth, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Around the World in Eighty Days.


New eBook Bundles: 5/8/18

Here are the new ebook bundles that went on sale today!

The Anna Dressed in Blood Duology by Kendare Blake

Image Place holder  of - 55 Cas Lowood has inherited an unusual vocation: He kills the dead.

So did his father before him, until he was gruesomely murdered by a ghost he sought to kill. Now, armed with his father’s mysterious and deadly athame, Cas travels the country with his kitchen-witch mother and their spirit-sniffing cat. Together they follow legends and local lore, trying to keep up with the murderous dead—keeping pesky things like the future and friends at bay.

This discounted ebundle includes Anna Dressed in Blood and Girl of Nightmares.

The Complete Memoirs of Lady Trent Series by Marie Brennan

Placeholder of  -67 A Victorian Age science fantasy series by Marie Brennan, The Lady Trent Memoirs chronicle the adventures of Isabella, the renowned dragon naturalist whose study of the legendary creatures have taken her around the world on thrilling expeditions.

This discounted ebundle includes A Natural History of Dragons, The Tropic of Serpents, The Voyage of the Basilisk, In the Labyrinth of Drakes, and Within the Sanctuary of Wings.

The Fallon Trilogy by Robert Jordan

Image Placeholder of - 31 This historical novel series chronicles the lives of the Fallon men as they encounter adventure, forbidden love and American history—from Michael Fallon, an indentured servant who rises in the ranks of Carolina aristocracy and becomes a privateer in the American Revolution; to his son, Robert Fallon, a captain who travels the world to avoid the woman he must not love, but returns to fight in the War of 1812; and finally James Fallon, a man of vision who sets out for the new colony of Texas, only to discover unknown dangers from his family’s past.

This discounted ebundle includes The Fallon Blood, The Fallon Pride, and The Fallon Legacy.

The Stormlight Archive: Books 1-3 by Brandon Sanderson

Poster Placeholder of - 36 Welcome to the remarkable world of Roshar, a world of stone and storms. Uncanny tempests of incredible power sweep across the rocky terrain so frequently that they have shaped ecology and civilization alike. Roshar is shared by humans and the enigmatic, humanoid Parshendi, with whom they are at war.

It has been centuries since the fall of the ten consecrated orders known as the Knights Radiant, but their Shardblades and Shardplate remain. Men trade kingdoms for Shardblades. Wars were fought for them, and won by them, but in the war against the Parshendi, the ancient weapons and armor may not be enough.

This discounted ebundle includes The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, and Oathbringer.


New eBook Bundles: 4/10/18

Here are the new ebook bundles that went on sale today!

The Complete Instrumentalities of the Night by Glen Cook

Image Place holder  of - 69In this epic fantasy series from Glen Cook, politics, religion, and kingdoms collide on an earth-shattering scale. As introduced inthe first book, The Tyranny of the Night, imps, demons, and dark gods rule in the spaces surrounding humanity, while a wall of ice at the edge of the world threatens to overtake the land of the Night.

This discounted ebundle includes The Tyranny of the Night, Lord of the Silent Kingdom, Surrender to the Will of the Night, and Working God’s Mischief.

The Jean le Flambeur Trilogy by Hannu Rajaniemi

Image Placeholder of - 65The gentleman rogue Jean de Flambeur is part mind burglar, part confidence artist. He’s known throughout the Heterarchy for his amazing galactic exploits, like breaking into the vast Inner System of Zuesbrains. In the first book of Hannu Rajaniemi’s trilogy, The Quantum Thief, Jean Le Flambeur’s trapped inside the Dilemma Prison, and must wake up every morning to kill himself before his other self can kill him.

This discounted ebundle includes The Quantum Thief, The Fractal Prince, and The Causal Angel.

A Kitty Norville Collection by Carrie Vaughn

Poster Placeholder of - 28This New York Times bestselling urban fantasy series from Carrie Vaughn follows Kitty Norville, everybody’s favorite werewolf DJ and out-of-the-closet supernatural creature. She’s fought evil vampires, were-creatures, and some serious black magic. She’s done it all with a sharp wit and the help of a memorable cast of werewolf hunters, psychics, and if-not-good-then-neutral vampires by her side.

This discounted ebundle includes Kitty Goes to War, Kitty’s Big Trouble, Kitty Steals the Show, Kitty Rocks the House, Kitty in the Underworld, Low Midnight, Kitty Saves the World, and Kitty’s Greatest Hits.


New eBook Bundles: 3/13/18

Here are the new ebook bundles that went on sale today!

The As the World Dies Trilogy by Rhiannon Frater

Place holder  of - 9The morning that the world ends, Katie is getting ready for court and housewife Jenni is taking care of her family. Less than two hours later, they are fleeing for their lives from a zombie horde. Thrown together by circumstance, Jenni and Katie become a powerful zombie-killing partnership.

This discounted ebundle includes The First Days, Fighting to Survive, and Siege.

The Complete Jack McClure Series by Eric Van Lustbader

Image Placeholder of - 4 Jack McClure, Special Advisor and closest friend to the new President of the United States, interprets the world very differently from the rest of us.

Jack has had a troubled life. His dyslexia always made him feel like an outsider. He escaped from an abusive home as a teenager and lived by his wits on the streets of Washington D.C. It wasn’t until he realized that dyslexia gave him the ability to see the world in unique ways that he found success, using this newfound strength to become a top ATF agent. His greatest liability is his greatest asset.

This discounted ebundle includes First Daughter, Last Snow, Blood Trust, Father Night, and Beloved Enemy.

The Succession Duology by Scott Westerfeld

Image Place holder  of - 1 Captain Laurent Zai and his pacifist lover Senator Nara Oxham, separated by light years, hold the fate of the empire in their hands. They serve an Emperor who has reigned with his sister the Child Empress for sixteen hundred years as living gods. But even gods might bow to the fanaticism of the Rix, machine-augmented humans, who long for the cybernetic rule of a vast AI.

Only one immortal dynasty can prevail.

This discounted ebundle includes The Risen Empire and The Killing of Worlds.

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