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Forge Books That Will Get You In the Holiday Spirit!

‘Tis the season for some holiday reading! Whether you’re on the hunt for a timely book to gift someone this holiday season or you’re in the mood to read something perfectly fit for the most wonderful time of the year, Forge is here to provide festive reads that are sure to deck your halls! We’re making a list (and checking it twice), none are naughty and all are nice! Read below to see what books to either read and/or gift this year to help you get in the holiday spirt!

A Dog’s Perfect Christmas and The Dogs of Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron

A Dog's Perfect Christmas

The Dogs of Christmas
Is there anything more precious than sweet puppies at Christmas? Two perfect gifts, A Dog’s Perfect Christmas and The Dogs of Christmas are charming and heartwarming holiday tales that explores the power of love, trust, and what can happen when family members open their hearts to new possibilities. From W. Bruce Cameron, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Dog’s Purpose!

Up on the Woof Top and It’s a Wonderful Woof by Spencer Quinn

Up on the Woof Top
It's a Wonderful Woof








Chet the dog, “the most lovable narrator in all of crime fiction” (Boston Globe) and his human partner Bernie Little find themselves in the midst of two thrilling holiday adventures! A wonderful bundle of books to either give as a gift this year, or to snuggle up with while you read by the light of the Christmas tree.

A Bathroom Book for People Not Pooping or Peeing But Using the Bathroom as an Escape by Joe Pera; illustrated by Joe Bennett

A Bathroom Book for People Not Pooping or Peeing but Using the Bathroom as an Escape
Okay, so we know this isn’t a conventional holiday-themed pick, but hear us out: how many times have you sat at the holiday dinner table and silently wished for an escape from whatever awkward conversation your dear old aunt was trying to rope you into? That’s why the Bathroom Book is perfect for this time of year! A USA Today bestseller, the cozy comedy of Joe Pera meets the darkly playful illustrations of Joe Bennett in A Bathroom Book for People Not Pooping or Peeing But Using the Bathroom as an Escape, a funny, warm, and sincere guide to regaining calm and confidence when you’re hiding in the bathroom.

An Irish Country Christmas by Patrick Taylor

An Irish Country Christmas
Just in time for the holidays, An Irish Country Christmas from beloved author Patrick Taylor presents a new look for the beloved New York TimesUSA Today, and Globe and Mail bestselling series! This book has all the cozy vibes and is absolutely perfect for curling up with under a warm blanket this winter!


Forge’s August eBook Deals!

The hot summer days of reading by the poolside or on the beach are upon us! So grab your e-readers, pack it in your beach bag, sit back, relax, and soak up the sun while reading what Forge has on sale for the whole month of August!

A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

A Dog's Purpose

Heartwarming, insightful, and often laugh-out-loud funny, A Dog’s Purpose is not only the emotional and hilarious story of a dog’s many lives, but also a dog’s-eye commentary on human relationships and the unbreakable bonds between man and man’s best friend. This moving and beautifully crafted story teaches us that love never dies, that our true friends are always with us, and that every creature on earth is born with a purpose.

On sale for $3.99!

Wake of War by Zac Topping

Wake of War

Zac Topping’s breathtaking near-future thriller, Wake of War, is a timely account of the lengths those with power will go to preserve it, and the determination of those they exploit to win back their freedom.

On sale for $2.99!


Happy PAWlidays!: 5 of the Best Gifts to Get Your Pet

By Ariana Carpentieri:

Are you someone who has a ruff time of figuring out what presents to get your furry best friend? Or perhaps you’ve got the dogs of your friends’ and family that you need to give gifts to this holiday season? If so, we’ve got you covered! Take a look at our gift guide to see some ideas that all the canine companions in your life will pawsitively go mutts for! 

A Rudolph-Themed BarkBox 

Image Place holder  of - 32

Looking to really wow your pet pals? Your dog doesn’t need a red nose to still be the leader of the pack when it comes to having the best gifts under the tree, and giving them a BarkBox will definitely do the trick! The box includes 4 toys, 4 treats & 2 chews!

A Yeti Dog Bowl

Poster Placeholder of - 88

Yeti products have been all over Instagram lately, so a fancy bowl for the pooch would definitely up their IG status! And the Yeti Rambler would be a great gift to pair with it for the pet parent. 

Merry & Bright Deck the Howls Dog Treat Advent Calendar

Placeholder of  -56In need of a gift to give a little earlier in the season? Your doggy will love getting a yummy treat everyday from the start of December through Christmas Day with an advent calendar!

A Fa La La Llama Plush Toy

Image Placeholder of - 17

Your dog will be the coolest on the block with this llama-wearing-sunglasses toy hanging out of their mouth. If only we could all be this chill.

Warm Fleece Blankets Good for Both You and Your Dog–For Every Blanket Sold, One is Donated to Shelters!

Place holder  of - 55

Are you looking for a way to give back this holiday season? Then this would be the perfect gift because every blanket purchase provides a cozy, warm, durable blanket to a shelter dog in need!

And as a bonus, for the dog-loving folks in your life, you can gift them a copy of A Dog’s Perfect Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron–now out in paperback!

A Dog's Perfect Christmas

#1 New York Times bestselling author W. Bruce Cameron’s A Dog’s Perfect Christmas is a beautiful, poignant, delightful tale of what can happen when family members open their hearts to new possibilities. You’ll find love and tears and laughter—the ideal holiday read.

Click below to grab your copy today!

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Letter by W. Bruce Cameron, Author of Love, Clancy

Love, ClancyFrom the internationally bestselling author of A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Way Home comes Love, Clancy: Diary of a Good Dog, a deeply moving story with a brand-new cast of characters, including one very good dog.

You’ve probably never met someone like Clancy. He’s keeping a diary, he’s falling in love, there are rivals for his affections, he lives with his best friend and his worst enemy – even taken together, these factors are maybe not that unusual, except that Clancy is a dog. His point of view is therefore perhaps…different.

Told in Cameron’s signature style, a tremendous cast of wonderful characters find themselves jointly and separately navigating the challenges of life, of love, and…other pets, including Clancy’s “worst enemy” – one very disdainful cat. It’s a lot to keep track of, especially when things start to spin hilariously out of control, but fortunately, we’ve got the observations of Clancy, a very good dog, who shares a valuable perspective on what is really important.

Hi, it’s me, Clancy.

My diary pages are included in the new novel, Love, Clancy, which has W. Bruce Cameron’s name as the author even though I wrote it and deserve the credit (though I would settle for chicken treats). Let me ask, do you have any idea how hard it is for a dog to keep a diary? I mean, every time I get started someone sends me an email. (I’m a sucker for puppy videos.) And the computer mouse—a real mouse would be more helpful.

Here’s another question: what’s the deal with cats? I can see keeping one in a tree or under a car or something, but letting it live in the house like it’s a dog? Feeding it lobster and fish and foie gras while I get dog food? You have every right to be outraged about this.

I say Bruce is a # 1 New York Times bestselling author because of dogs. People don’t buy a book with a dog on the cover because of the author photo in the back, for heaven’s sake. They buy it because they want to know what dogs are thinking about, which is, okay, mostly bacon but sometimes we’re pondering far more weighty matters, such as why there are doors on the refrigerator. Maybe this would make sense if people stored their cats in there, but otherwise, why not take the door off for easier canine access? You know I’m right about this.

Am I obsessed a little about cats? Well just read Love, Clancy and you’ll discover just how justified my exasperation is. I love my person very much but he is afflicted with house cat syndrome. So part of what happens in the novel is that I come up with several brilliant ideas on how to eliminate the annoying feline from both of our lives. I know you’re interested in that!

If you’re a cat person, well, I urge you to seek help.

You’re going to love this book!



Click below to pre-order your copy of Love, Clancy, coming January 3rd, 2023!

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Excerpt Reveal: Love, Clancy by W. Bruce Cameron

Love, ClancyFrom the internationally bestselling author of A Dog’s Purpose and A Dog’s Way Home comes Love, Clancy: Diary of a Good Dog, a deeply moving story with a brand-new cast of characters, including one very good dog.

You’ve probably never met someone like Clancy. He’s keeping a diary, he’s falling in love, there are rivals for his affections, he lives with his best friend and his worst enemy – even taken together, these factors are maybe not that unusual, except that Clancy is a dog. His point of view is therefore perhaps…different.

Told in Cameron’s signature style, a tremendous cast of wonderful characters find themselves jointly and separately navigating the challenges of life, of love, and…other pets, including Clancy’s “worst enemy” – one very disdainful cat. It’s a lot to keep track of, especially when things start to spin hilariously out of control, but fortunately, we’ve got the observations of Clancy, a very good dog, who shares a valuable perspective on what is really important.

Love, Clancy will be available on January 3rd, 2023. Please enjoy the following excerpt!


JayB bent over in the hallway to put on my leash and I could barely restrain my excitement. My nose told me that the winter cold had finally been pushed away by an increasingly insistent sun. Walks would last longer, and we would encounter more people and dogs.

I shoved impatiently against the outer screen door as my person opened it, but then he and I both stopped in surprise. A strange car was parked in our driveway, and standing beside it was a woman I’d never seen before.

JayB slowly descended the cement steps. A complicated churn of dark feelings wafted off the woman in our driveway, strong as any scent. I eyed her anxiously. She was scowling. Her light hair was longer than JayB’s, falling to a blunt end in line with her chin. She was shorter than he was, though built more solidly. Her smell was powerfully attractive, meat odors and other food aromas embedded in her clothing.

But JayB seemed anxious. Was this woman a threat? If so, shouldn’t we go back inside the house?

“Hello, Maddy.” JayB greeted her cautiously as we approached.

The woman put her hands on her hips. “Don’t ‘hello’ me,” she replied. “I made a list.”

“A list?” my person repeated.

The woman nodded vigorously. “I’m calling it the eight simple rules you have to obey for us to get back together again.”

There was a long pause. JayB cleared his throat. “I’m not sure what you’re saying to me, Maddy. To get back together, don’t we have to have been together in the first place?”

The woman (Maddy?) shook her head, her expression stern. “Okay, I’m going to have to add another rule. That’s exactly what I’m talking about, which is why I made a list!” She raised her phone and looked at it.

I sat attentively. No one has ever thrown a phone for me to chase, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

Maddy moved her lips for a moment, then nodded decisively. “Okay. Numeral one: you didn’t call me after we broke up. Who does that? Talk about cruel and unusual.”

“You told me not to call you ever again in this lifetime or the next.”

“Not for after we broke up! You always call someone after you break up. If you don’t, it means you’re a bad person.”

“You didn’t call me.”

I yawned, relaxing, because JayB no longer seemed agitated.

Maddy rolled her eyes. “It’s the man’s job. God. What magazines do you read? This is why women do everything in our country. Okay. Number—two—and this is the one deal-breaker for me, so I want you to take it as seriously as all the others—JayB, you act like nothing ever makes you angry. You’re so full of hidden fury you’re afraid to show it, or you might, I don’t know, take hostages. At some point, you’re going to explode and I don’t wanna be collateral when that happens. Everybody agrees with me on this.”

“Collateral? Why do I always feel like I need an interpreter when I speak with you?”

“Because you don’t listen!”

“Wait, who’s this ‘everybody’ who agrees with you? We don’t have any friends in common.”

“Everybody I tell about it. Duh.”

Obviously, we weren’t going to go for a walk any farther than we already had. Well, I had enjoyed it while it lasted.

JayB looked thoughtful. “I don’t think I’m actually as angry as you say, though. I don’t feel mad. If I were so full of fury, wouldn’t I know it?”

“That’s my point: if you don’t get angry, you’re going to be furious. Do you know what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone who’s steaming under the pot, waiting to spew all over everyone?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Well, it’s no picnic in the Bay of Pigs, I promise you. Okay, and this one is big, number three: you’ve got to stop trying to plan everything. Sometimes life is meant to be lived like it’s a train wreck, and not all in order according to some sort of strategy. You need to learn to be spontaneous, to do spontaneity. Come up with stuff that’s completely surprising, even to your own brain. Stuff that makes you cry.”

“What kind of stuff?”

“Like, surprise me by suddenly saying we’re going to London and we don’t have time to pack or even put on underwear. We’re just like, all of a sudden on a private jet to London. Or, we go to Target and have a huge shopping spree in the electronics department. My printer crapped out, so that would be a good one for today. Or something simple, like—you make me close my eyes, and when I open them, we’re at the top of a Ferris wheel somewhere.”

“I don’t think I can come up with those on my own.”

“Why not?”

“Because you just said them. So they won’t be my ideas.”

Maddy made a disgusted noise. “Okay, I’m going to have to add another rule, which is that you stop being so logical all the time. Would it hurt you to give a fun and completely stupid reply to something? Stop thinking. Like, when I ask a question, your answer should be completely random for once. Just talk.”

“Icicle pancakes.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? You sound crazy.”

“Are these rules written down somewhere? Because maybe it would be easier if I just read them and got back to you.”

“You’ve made me lose count. Now I have to start over.”

JayB held up a hand. “No, please. Please don’t. I think I get what you’re going for here. In order for us to get back together, I would have to become a completely different person in every single way.”

“Exactly. Also: I don’t like your name.”

“What’s wrong with my name?”

“It makes no sense. J-A-Y-B. It’s like you’re a rapper or something. If you were under oath, you’d have to take a fifth, a name like that.”

“My given name is Jago Burr Danville. Would you prefer I go by Jago? That’s what my parents call me, but I’ve always hated it, and when I started using ‘JayB’ in middle school, the teachers said it was fine as long as I was expressing who I was. So, JayB is who I am. Expressed.”

Maddy frowned. “And what I am saying is, the point of the rules is I don’t like who you are. You need to change. All men need to change. You can ask any of my friends.”

“I think this might be a good time for me to remind you that you broke up with me, not the other way around.”

“That’s another rule, maybe the most important one. Now that we’re back together, it’s bygones be gone. You’ll have to let go of this thirsty need for revenge. I’m sorry I broke your heart, but boo-hoo. You’re thirty-three years old, for God’s sake.”

“And doesn’t it seem that to break up you have to be seriously dating in the first place? We only went out—what, twice—and you told me you wanted to break up both times.”

“First, it was two and a half times, and second, you just applied confirmation. You never took me seriously. I was the best thing that ever happened to you, but luckily you have a last chance now. You blow this one, and you’ll spend the rest of your life the way you were before we met.”


“Oh. Okay, sure. Happy,” Maddy snorted scornfully. “Well, because we’re getting back together again and you’ll probably want to take me out to dinner someplace nice, I’m going to ignore you. We both know you were a broken man when I put that burger in front of you. Then you left me a huge tip. I don’t get many tips. So I thought, okay, he’s what I’ve always wanted, a fool rushing in. Oh, wait, I almost forgot, and this is the one deal-breaker for me: you’ve got to get a job. I can’t be expected to support you for the rest of my life. I mean, what if we have children?”

“Of course I’m going to get a job. I just need to figure out what I’m going to do next. I can afford to take some time.”

Maddy vigorously shook her head. “Not if we’re getting back together, you can’t. I spoke to my manager and he said he’d be happy to give you a shot at waiting tables during the graverobber shift.”

“Thank you for doing that, Maddy, but I don’t want to be a waiter. I have an advanced degree and I’ll find something soon. But I do agree, this one sounds like a deal-breaker. Thank you so much for giving me all these ideas on how I can improve myself. I’ll just have to accept that you’ve moved on. Years from now, I hope, when you’re married to a wonderful man that you’ve completely remodeled to your satisfaction, you’ll look back on this time and remember me fondly.”

I glanced up in surprise as Maddy, sobbing, ran to JayB and threw her arms around him. He looked unsure and glanced down at me, but all I could do was wag. She put loud, wet kisses all over his face. “Okay. Okay. I knew you were worth it. I take back everything I told my girlfriends about you. So, I know you want to buy me a shower of gifts, but I’m even later for work than usual, so I’d better go. But call me, okay? We’ll make plans to do something spontaneous.”

I wagged because she held a delightfully aromatic splay of fingers toward me. “Who is this?” she wanted to know.

JayB cleared this throat. “That’s Clancy.”

“Hi, Clancy! I’m going to be your new mommy!” Waving, Maddy jumped back into her car and drove away.

I looked up at my person. Walk?

Walk! As we left the driveway, I didn’t need to turn around to know that Kelsey had bounded silently up to her habitual perch in the window and was watching us with those unloving, unwinking eyes. I didn’t care about her now; I was devoted to making sure JayB had all the fun a person could experience with a dog at the end of the leash.

We turned up the sidewalk and I was happy to find places to mark which, while not new to my nose, had been painted over by male dogs I had not met. I saluted them with a leg lift of my own, communicating my acceptance of their trespass without surrendering what was, after all, my territory.

Before long, I spotted Odin pulling his person on his own leash. I knew Odin well. He was a much older dog, thin, with light-colored, smooth, short fur, an inquisitive face, droopy ears, and a placid disposition. His person was a woman much older than JayB, and much smaller, too. In fact, as I watched, Odin was dragging her toward us and she was slapping her feet on the pavement in an attempt to stop him.

“Hello, Helen!” JayB called cheerfully. “How’re you this morning?”

Though Odin was a male and very often tried to pee where I had already marked, I actually enjoyed the old fellow. I could hear him at night sometimes, out in his own backyard, barking. His voice communicated the clear, uncluttered thoughts of a dog who had started barking, couldn’t remember why, and was unsure whether to stop.

When I reached Odin, he was more interested in greeting JayB than sniffing politely behind my tail. That was another thing about Odin—he was much more into humans than dogs. His method of greeting included lifting his heavy paws and plowing his nose dead center between my person’s legs. JayB bent over with an oomph sound.

Helen shook her head. “I’m sorry,” she apologized. “I’ve never been able to teach him not to do that.”

“I imagine,” JayB opined, “that when he does it to you, he comes pretty close to knocking you over. He probably weighs more than you do.”

Helen laughed while Odin and I examined each other for new smells. “You’re right,” she acknowledged ruefully. “They told me a coonhound would be easy to train, but I don’t know how.”

“I’ve never met a dog who was easy to train. Clancy sure isn’t.”

I was happy to hear my name.

“Remind me again what kind of dog Clancy is.”

“Well, when I rescued him, they said he was yellow Lab, but it’s sort of clear that he’s got a little something else in him.”

“Are you taking him to the dog park?” Helen asked.

I glanced up at my person as he nodded because I knew what “dog park” meant. Did that mean we were going to the dog park?

I could not imagine anything more wonderful.

Click below to pre-order your copy of Love, Clancy, coming January 3rd, 2023!

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What’s New from Forge this Winter

A new year is upon us, which means a slew of new books are arriving on the scene from Forge! We’re so excited to share the lineup of amazing books we have coming your way this winter. If you’re on the hunt for some books to curl up with during these chillier months of the year, take a look at what Forge has in store for you!

Cutthroat Dogs by Loren D. Estleman

Image Placeholder of - 52“Someone is dead who shouldn’t be, and the wrong man is in prison.”

Nearly twenty years ago, college freshman April Goss was found dead in her bathtub, an apparent suicide, but suspicion soon fell on her boyfriend. Dan Corbeil was convicted of her murder and sent to prison. Case closed.

Or is it?

Available to read now!

A Thousand Steps by T. Jefferson Parker

A Thousand Steps-1Laguna Beach, California, 1968. The Age of Aquarius is in full swing. Timothy Leary is a rock star. LSD is God. Folks from all over are flocking to Laguna, seeking peace, love, and enlightenment.

Matt Anthony is just trying get by.

Matt is sixteen, broke, and never sure where his next meal is coming from. Mom’s a stoner, his deadbeat dad is a no-show, his brother’s fighting in Nam . . . and his big sister Jazz has just gone missing. The cops figure she’s just another runaway hippie chick, enjoying a summer of love, but Matt doesn’t believe it. Not after another missing girl turns up dead on the beach.

All Matt really wants to do is get his driver’s license and ask out the girl he’s been crushing on since fourth grade, yet it’s up to him to find his sister. But in a town where the cops don’t trust the hippies and the hippies don’t trust the cops, uncovering what’s really happened to Jazz is going to force him to grow up fast.

If it’s not already too late.

Available to read now!

Margaret Truman’s Murder at the CDC by Margaret Truman and Jon Land

Margaret Truman's Murder at the CDC2017: A military transport on a secret run to dispose of its deadly contents vanishes without a trace.

The present: A mass shooting on the steps of the Capitol nearly claims the life of Robert Brixton’s grandson.

No stranger to high-stakes investigations, Brixton embarks on a trail to uncover the motive behind the shooting. On the way he finds himself probing the attempted murder of the daughter of his best friend, who works at the Washington offices of the CDC.

The connection between the mass shooting and Alexandra’s poisoning lies in that long-lost military transport that has been recovered by forces determined to change America forever. Those forces are led by radical separatist leader Deacon Frank Wilhyte, whose goal is nothing short of bringing on a second Civil War.

Brixton joins forces with Kelly Lofton, a former Baltimore homicide detective. She has her own reasons for wanting to find the truth behind the shooting on the Capitol steps, and is the only person with the direct knowledge Brixton needs. But chasing the truth places them in the cross-hairs of both Wilhyte’s legions and his Washington enablers.

Coming 2.15.22!

The Chase by Candice Fox

The Chase

“Are you listening, Warden?”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to let them out.”

“Which inmates are we talking about?”

“All of them.”

With that, the largest manhunt in United States history is on. In response to a hostage situation, more than 600 inmates from the Pronghorn Correctional Facility, including everyone on Death Row, are released into the Nevada Desert. Criminals considered the worst of the worst, monsters with dark, violent pasts, are getting farther away by the second.

John Kradle, convicted of murdering his wife and son, is one of the escapees. Now, desperate to discover what really happened that night, Kradle must avoid capture and work quickly to prove his innocence as law enforcement closes in on the fugitives.

Death Row Supervisor, and now fugitive-hunter, Celine Osbourne has focused all of her energy on catching Kradle and bringing him back to Death Row. She has very personal reasons for hating him – and she knows exactly where he’s heading…

Coming 3.8.22!

Assassin’s Edge by Ward Larsen

image alt textA U.S. spy plane crashes off the northern coast of Russia at the same time that a Mossad operative is abducted from a street in Kazakhstan. The two events seem unrelated, but as suspicions rise, the CIA calls in its premier operative, David Slaton.

When wreckage from the aircraft is discovered on a remote Arctic island, Slaton and a team are sent on a clandestine mission to investigate. While they comb a frigid Russian island at the top of the world, disaster strikes yet again: a U.S. Navy destroyer sinks in the Black Sea.

Evidence begins mounting that these disparate events are linked, controlled by an unseen hand. A mysterious source, code name Lazarus, provides tantalizing clues about another impending strike. Yet Lazarus has an agenda that is deeply personal, a thirst for revenge against a handful of clandestine operators. Prime among them: David Slaton.

Coming 4.12.22!

Traitor by David Hagberg

image alt text1When McGarvey’s best friend, Otto, is charged with treason, Mac and his wife, Petey, set out on a desperate odyssey to clear Otto’s name. Crossing oceans and continents, their journey will take them from Japan to the US to Pakistan to Russia. Caught in a Kremlin crossfire between two warring intel agencies, Mac and Petey must fight for their lives every step of the way.

And the stakes could not be higher.

Coming 4.26.22!

And here are some great books coming out in trade paperback!

Waiting for the Night Song by Julie Carrick Dalton

Waiting for the Night Song-1Cadie Kessler has spent decades trying to cover up one truth. One moment. But deep down, didn’t she always know her secret would surface?

An urgent message from her long-estranged best friend Daniela Garcia brings Cadie, now a forestry researcher, back to her childhood home. There, Cadie and Daniela are forced to face a dark secret that ended both their idyllic childhood bond and the magical summer that takes up more space in Cadie’s memory then all her other years combined.

Now grown up, bound by long-held oaths, and faced with truths she does not wish to see, Cadie must decide what she is willing to sacrifice to protect the people and the forest she loves, as drought, foreclosures, and wildfire spark tensions between displaced migrant farm workers and locals.

Waiting for the Night Song is a love song to the natural beauty around us, a call to fight for what we believe in, and a reminder that the truth will always rise.

Available to read now! Reading group guide also available.

My Brilliant Life by Ae-ran Kim; translated by Chi-Young Kim

My Brilliant Life-1Areum lives life to its fullest, vicariously through the stories of his parents, conversations with Little Grandpa Jang—his sixty-year-old neighbor and best friend—and through the books he reads to visit the places he would otherwise never see.

For several months, Areum has been working on a manuscript, piecing together his parents’ often embellished stories about his family and childhood. He hopes to present it on his birthday, as a final gift to his mom and dad; their own falling-in-love story.

Through it all, Areum and his family will have you laughing and crying, for all the right reasons.

Coming 2.1.22! Reading group guide also available.

Her Perfect Life by Hank Phillippi Ryan

Her Perfect Life-1Everyone knows Lily Atwood—and that may be her biggest problem. The beloved television reporter has it all—fame, fortune, Emmys, an adorable seven-year-old daughter, and the hashtag her loving fans created: #PerfectLily. To keep it, all she has to do is protect one life-changing secret.

Her own.

Lily has an anonymous source who feeds her story tips—but suddenly, the source begins telling Lily inside information about her own life. How does he—or she—know the truth?

Lily understands that no one reveals a secret unless they have a reason. Now she’s terrified someone is determined to destroy her world—and with it, everyone and everything she holds dear.

How much will she risk to keep her perfect life?

Coming 3.8.22! Reading group guide also available.

The Lights of Sugarberry Cove by Heather Webber

The Lights of Sugarberry Cove-1Sadie Way Scott has been avoiding her family and hometown of Sugarberry Cove, Alabama, since she nearly drowned in the lake just outside her mother’s B&B. Eight years later, Sadie is the host of a much-loved show about southern cooking and family, but despite her success, she wonders why she was saved. What is she supposed to do?

Sadie’s sister, Leala Clare, is still haunted by the guilt she feels over the night her sister almost died. Now, at a crossroads in her marriage, Leala has everything she ever thought she wanted—so why is she so unhappy?

When their mother suffers a minor heart attack just before Sugarberry Cove’s famous water lantern festival, the two sisters come home to run the inn while she recovers. It’s the last place either of them wants to be, but with a little help from the inn’s quirky guests, the sisters may come to terms with their strained relationships, accept the past, and rediscover a little lake magic.

Coming 3.1.22! Reading group guide also available.

The Widow Queen by Elzbieta Cherezinska

The Widow QueenThe bold one, they call her—too bold for most.

To her father, the great duke of Poland, Swietoslawa and her two sisters represent three chances for an alliance. Three marriages on which to build his empire.

But Swietoslawa refuses to be simply a pawn in her father’s schemes; she seeks a throne of her own, with no husband by her side.

The gods may grant her wish, but crowns sit heavy, and power is a sword that cuts both ways.

Coming 3.15.22! Reading group guide also available.

Comes the War by Ed Ruggero

Comes the War-1April 1944, the fifty-fifth month of the war in Europe. The entire island of Britain fairly buzzes with the coiled energy of a million men poised to leap the Channel to France, the first, riskiest step in the Allies’ long slog to the heart of Germany and the end of the war.

Lieutenant Eddie Harkins is tasked to investigate the murder of Helen Batcheller, an OSS analyst. Harkins is assigned a British driver, Private Pamela Lowell, to aid in his investigation. Lowell is smart, brave and resourceful; like Harkins, she is prone to speak her mind even when it doesn’t help her.

Soon a suspect is arrested and Harkins is ordered to stop digging. Suspicious, he continues his investigation only to find himself trapped in a web of Soviet secrets. As bombs fall, Harkins must solve the murder and reveal the spies before it is too late.

Coming 3.29.22!

A Dog’s Courage by W. Bruce Cameron

A Dog's CourageBella was once a lost dog, but now she lives happily with her people, Lucas and Olivia, only occasionally recalling the hardships in her past. Then a weekend camping trip turns into a harrowing struggle for survival when the Rocky Mountains are engulfed by the biggest wildfire in American history. The raging inferno separates Bella from her people and she is lost once more.

Alone in the wilderness, Bella unexpectedly finds herself responsible for the safety of two defenseless mountain lion cubs. Now she’s torn between two equally urgent goals. More than anything, she wants to find her way home to Lucas and Olivia, but not if it means abandoning her new family to danger. And danger abounds, from predators hunting them to the flames threatening at every turn.

Can Bella ever get back to where she truly belongs?

A Dog’s Courage is more than a fast-paced adventure, more than a devoted dog’s struggle to survive, it’s a story asking that we believe in our dogs as much as they believe in us.

Coming 4.5.22!


Excerpt: A Dog’s Courage by W. Bruce Cameron




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#1 New York Times bestselling author W. Bruce Cameron once again captures the bravery and determination of a very good dog in the gripping sequel to A Dog’s Way Home, the acclaimed novel that inspired the hit movie!

Bella was once a lost dog, but now she lives happily with her people, Lucas and Olivia, only occasionally recalling the hardships in her past. Then a weekend camping trip turns into a harrowing struggle for survival when the Rocky Mountains are engulfed by the biggest wildfire in American history. The raging inferno separates Bella from her people and she is lost once more.

Alone in the wilderness, Bella unexpectedly finds herself responsible for the safety of two defenseless mountain lion cubs. Now she’s torn between two equally urgent goals. More than anything, she wants to find her way home to Lucas and Olivia, but not if it means abandoning her new family to danger. And danger abounds, from predators hunting them to the flames threatening at every turn.

Can Bella ever get back to where she truly belongs?

A Dog’s Courage is more than a fast-paced adventure, more than a devoted dog’s struggle to survive, it’s a story asking that we believe in our dogs as much as they believe in us.

A Dog’s Courage will be available on May 4, 2021. Please enjoy the following excerpt!


I was enjoying the sort of nap that, as a dog, I had long ago mastered: sprawled out on sparse grasses, my nose filled with  the fresh smell of trees, ears barely registering the small noises of birds and other rustlings. Sleeping outside near my boy, Lucas, his scent giving me an overall sense of his presence, is one of the most wonderful things to do on a lazy afternoon after a walk in the mountains. I was drifting on well-being, happy to be alive.I was enjoying the sort of nap that, as a dog, I had long ago mastered: sprawled out on sparse grasses, my nose filled with  the fresh smell of trees, ears barely registering the small noises of birds and other rustlings. Sleeping outside near my boy, Lucas, his scent giving me an overall sense of his presence, is one of the most wonderful things to do on a lazy afternoon after a walk in

Lucas shared my contentment; I could tell by his relaxed breathing. He was sitting drowsily in the sun with his dog and his Olivia.

So I was startled when all of a sudden, tension jolted him. I instantly popped open my eyes and lifted my head, blinking away the sleep.

“Nobody move,” he urged. I glanced over at him, but then turned my full attention to what I could suddenly smell: a cat, fe- male, a big one, somewhere close, lurking in the bushes. The feral odor was unmistakable.

For a moment I thought it might be a very particular mountain cat, one I knew as well as any animal I had ever met or smelled, but I quickly realized that no, this was a stranger, a new intruder. She wasn’t moving, so I didn’t spy her at first. Then she shifted slightly, and I saw her. She was stocky and powerful and larger than the cats who lived in the house down the street, almost bigger than any cat I had ever seen. Her head would easily reach my back. She was spotted, with alert ears held high and a rabbit dangling from her mouth. I could smell the rabbit as strongly as the wild cat.

So, no, this wasn’t any animal I knew, though she did bring to mind a mountain cat that was much larger than this one.

The cat and I locked eyes, frozen. Lucas and Olivia were both motionless and tense, but not afraid. “Do you see it?” Lucas asked in the barest of whispers.

Olivia stirred. “I’ve only seen one other bobcat in my whole life. This is so cool!”

Lucas nodded ever so slightly. “It’s beautiful.”

I was still staring at the cat and the cat was still staring at me. It was the type of moment I often share with squirrels, when we’re both immobile, right before one of us bolts and the chase is on.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to chase this particular animal, though. “I’m going to reach for my phone,” Lucas murmured. “Get some video of this. Bella, no barks.”

I did not understand why my boy would tell me No Barks when I wasn’t barking, or making any noise at all. I noticed his hand creeping ever so slowly, but it was movement enough to remind the big cat that she had other things to do than just stare at two people and their wonderful dog. With motion as quiet as Lucas’s whisper, she turned and was quickly in the bushes and gone, though her powerful smell lingered long after she vanished.

If I were going to give chase, now would be my moment. But I did not want the cat, or her rabbit. I had not yet been fed dinner, and did not want to be off in the woods pursuing wild creatures when it was presented.

“Amazing, that was amazing,” Olivia enthused.

“I’ve never seen one before. Wow,” Lucas agreed. “You know, I used to camp all the time and I never came across anything but elk. But with you we’ve seen bears, that eagle, a mountain lion, and now we can add a bobcat to the list.”

“You’re saying I’m good luck.”

Lucas grinned at her. “I’m saying that now that I’m with you, maybe I notice more of what’s good about life.”

“That’s sweet.” I wagged.

“Why do you suppose it came so close to our campsite?” Olivia asked. “What does it mean?”

“Mean? What, like a sign, or an omen? A message from the cat gods? I don’t think it needs to mean anything. It was just a wild animal checking us out.”

Olivia shrugged. “It’s just pretty unusual behavior for a felid. Humans are really their only natural enemy.”

“Felid!” Lucas howled. He crawled across the grass to Olivia and pulled her onto her back, laughing at her. “What the heck is a felid?”

Olivia was smiling up at him. “It’s  just a name for  a wild cat.    I was showing off that I know some words that my brainy doctor husband doesn’t know. And it is almost an omen to see a bobcat sneaking up on people instead of the other way around, don’t you think?”

“Maybe it wasn’t stalking us at all; maybe it wanted to get a  look at Bella. Our canid.”

I wagged at my name.

“Canid! My husband is so smart.”

“My wife is so smart. So, okay, what else about bobcats?”

“I know they’re territorial, like mountain lions. If a female is in her territory, she’s queen and nobody messes with her. But if she accidentally wanders into another female’s range, it’s open sea- son. She goes from predator to prey. Sort of what would happen if some nurse tried to flirt with handsome Dr. Lucas Ray.”

Lucas laughed. “I still don’t think Felid the Cat was an omen.” I had the sense that they were talking about the cat and the rabbit, but I didn’t feel motivated to pursue it into the trees. My place now was with my people, my Lucas and Olivia. We lived together in a house with a room to sleep in, a room to eat in, and a room where all the food was kept, called “kitchen.” Sometimes I would lie on the floor of the food room, just to drink in the wonderful smells.

I never know why, but on occasion Lucas packs things into a car he calls “the Jeep” and drives us up into the mountains. On those nights we sleep in a single, soft-sided room Lucas and Olivia would temporarily erect near the vehicle. That’s what we were doing now.

Not long after the wild cat ran off with her kill, Lucas opened some packets and made dinner, an action I found to be a very positive development.

They sat in chairs Olivia unfolded. While I watched attentively for dropped food items, my thoughts returned first to the cat with the rabbit, and then to how her appearance had instantly brought to mind a much larger cat, one with whom I had spent many, many days and nights in these same mountains. Though she grew to be a huge creature, I always thought of her as Big Kitten, because she was a kitten when I met her.

Lucas tossed me a piece of dinner. As I deftly snagged pieces of food out of the air, I realized how the feral odors of the wild cat were more imagined than actually sensed, now that she had faded into the woods with her rabbit. That’s what happens in the mountains—it isn’t that a dog can’t find a particular odor out there, it’s that there are so many other smells competing for the primary position in the nose. I gave up trying to track her—she was long gone. In fact, after a time, I was back to reflecting on Big Kitten, calling up the memory of how she smelled when we curled up for sleep together, the snow coming down on both of us in a soft blanket.

Often when I am sprawled at my boy’s feet at night I will ponder how different my life is now that I am back with people. For a time, I was a dog who hunted and roamed the trails with a giant cat, and didn’t sleep on beds, or get fed dinner twice a day. I was often hungry and afraid, but my companion and I survived. Big Kitten and I were a pack through two winters, relying on each other.

I usually thought about Big Kitten whenever Lucas and Olivia took me up into the mountains, because it was in the mountains where I first encountered her.

When I found Big Kitten she was smaller than the she-cat I had just seen with the rabbit, and she was alone. Her mother had recently died because of something two men had done to her. That’s what I concluded as I sniffed the mother cat’s lifeless body sprawled in the dirt, because there had been a loud bang- ing noise and the two men were running toward me, shouting excitedly to each other. The powerful odor of fresh blood clung to the mother feline’s motionless corpse, and the air still carried the sharp tang of an acrid smoke that was growing stronger as the men thrashed through the woods, headed in my direction. I was tensed and ready to flee when I spotted the baby cat watching me from the bushes.

I decided in that moment that the big kitten hiding in the bushes, though larger than any adult cat I had ever seen before, was the baby of the gigantic cat who lay dead and bloody in the sand.

I needed to protect her from the bad men. I had the sense that whatever they had done to the huge cat to kill it, they would do to the big kitten, and probably to me as well.

Over time, I became Big Kitten’s mother cat. In a way it was a natural role for me, because when I was just a puppy, long before I met Lucas, my mother dog was taken from me by a different set of bad men, and I wound up living under a house with a family of cats. My littermates were kittens, and their mother was my mother.

This lasted a short time, until Lucas took me home, and then I lived with people instead of cats.

I taught Big Kitten how to hunt. She and I went for long, long walks together because I was a lost dog. I had been separated from Lucas, my person, and was making my way home to him. Big Kitten came with me. Along the way, we fed together, and Big Kitten grew until she was much larger than me.

I loved Big Kitten, but I loved being a dog to Lucas even more. So as I did Go Home, Big Kitten remained behind in the wilds, watching me walk away from her, out of the mountains and toward the smells and sounds of a big, open city with cars and many, many people.

As I left Big Kitten and descended toward the streets and buildings and traffic, I couldn’t separate my boy’s smell from the countless human scents on the air, but I could sense him, feel him, and I knew I would be able to find my way home to him.

I never saw Big Kitten again, but it was not hard to imagine, as I drifted off to sleep many nights, that she was right there next to me, keeping me warm, keeping me company: the best animal friend I ever had.

Often when we took car rides in the Jeep, ranging along bouncy mountain roads, I would thrust my nose out into the wind and concentrate on trying to find her, searching for a single whiff of cat to let me know she was still alive. Thus far I had been unsuccessful, but Lucas always found new places for us to stay, and I thought it likely I would one day see my dear friend again.

I looked forward to that.

Lucas and Olivia were eating chunks of meat, but they did not neglect a good dog like me. I was dazzling them with my Sit. That one always works.

After dinner, Lucas and Olivia and I crawled into the small room where we slept when we were on Jeep car rides. This was our second night and, if past behavior was any guide, we would soon be driving back home to sleep on our bed inside our house.

I didn’t mind where I slept, as long as I was with my boy. I fussed to get the soft blankets just right, but eventually settled  in between Lucas and Olivia. As I did so, a warmth rose up from within me, because I was with the people who loved me and I loved them. Since the moment I first met Lucas, I knew the two of us belonged together. The reason I never gave up on my long trek back home was because I was his dog. On my travels I met several people who were nice to me and wanted to take care of me, but there was only one Lucas.

As often as I dreamed of Big Kitten, I dreamed of my boy, running with me, or feeding me treats.

Not long after Lucas zipped the door closed, I heard some- thing rustling in the plants outside in the night and raised my head and gave a low warning growl.

“Bella, no barks, okay?” Lucas murmured sleepily. “Lucas, no snores, okay?” Olivia replied.

Lucas chuckled in the dark. “I’ve read that wives often pretend that their husbands snore, just so the poor guys will feel guilty.”

“I’ve read that when men snore, their wives will dump water on them just to make the poor guys feel wet,” Olivia countered.

Lucas propped himself up on an elbow. “You snore sometimes and I’ve never complained.”

“That’s because your snoring drowns mine completely out.” “Well, see how lucky you are?”

Olivia laughed. “This thing you do where you pretend to be really dumb is pretty funny.”

“Glad I amuse you.”

“Maybe sometime in the future you could pretend to be smart. Like for my birthday, maybe,” Olivia teased. “Just one day. The rest of the year you can go back to playing dumb.”

They were grinning at each other. Lucas reached over me and touched Olivia’s shoulder, and I wagged because his arm was rest- ing on my back. “Hey.”

“Hey what.”

“I love you, Olivia Ray.” “I love you, Lucas Ray.”

I heard a rustling sound and growled again. “Bella, no snores,” Lucas intoned.

“No snores, Bella,” Olivia agreed.

I wondered what they were telling me.

“I have a surprise for you tomorrow,” Lucas remarked after a long moment of silence.

Olivia stirred. I opened my eyes but didn’t otherwise react. “Surprise? What is it?” she demanded.

“Well, clearly, I can’t say—that’s the nature of a surprise. Surely someone has told you that before.”

“Does it rhyme with ‘whirl wecklass’?” “Go to sleep, Olivia.”

“How about ‘wuby wing’?”

Lucas laughed. “Go to sleep. You’ll find out tomorrow.”


Copyright © 2021 by W. Bruce Cameron

Pre-order A Dog’s Courage—available on May 4, 2021!

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Books & Cozy Drinks that’ll Bring you Good Cheer for the End of the Year

By Ariana Carpentieri

Everyone knows that when the holidays are upon us, it also means a whole new layer of stress gets added on top of our everyday, regular busyness (and, not to mention, the extra stress of the ongoing Pandemic). But along with all the holiday madness comes something we all know and love: holiday treats and drinks! There’s nothing quite like curling up under a soft blanket near the warmth of a crackling fire with a good book in one hand and a festive drink in the other.

Get into the festive holiday spirit by pairing of our deliciously captivating books with some drinks that’ll pack a punch and warm your heart!

A Dog’s Perfect Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron

Placeholder of  -73A Dog’s Perfect Christmas is a book about the Goss family; a family that has a hard time communicating with one another, and therefore always seem to be at odds. But they must learn how to get past their differences and bond together—and in the spirit of Christmas, no less. Since it’s a family-oriented book, This Creamy Crock Pot Hot Chocolate is perfect for serving your whole fam and drinking it together while gathered around the tree. It wouldn’t be the whole family without your faithful dog, so you can whip them up this Safe Hot Chocolate Alternative for Dogs so that they can be part of the festivities, too!

The Nemesis Manifesto by Eric Van Lustbader

Image Place holder  of - 29The Nemesis Manifesto an epic and harrowing adventure of predatory forces that are threatening the very fabric of democracy. This book is thick with intrigue, adventure, and action, which we think calls for it to be paired with an equally as thick, rich drink like spiked eggnog! This Holiday Spiked Eggnog recipe suggests to mix Amaretto liqueur with some white rum and then add a dash of nutmeg to the top to really give it that holiday cheer. 

Midnight at the Blackbird Café by Heather Webber

Place holder  of - 4Midnight at the Blackbird Café is a captivating blend of magic, heartwarming romance, and small-town Southern charm. A book like this calls for some liquid magic! And liquid magic always has a touch of caffeine, right? Also, cafés are known for serving coffee! Try an Eggnog Coffee Latte / Eggnog Chai Latte (for the tea lovers out there), which will give you that touch of magic you’re looking for this holiday season.

Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

Image Placeholder of - 78Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered  is Karen and Georgia’s irreverent recount of their biggest mistakes and deepest fears, reflecting on the formative life events that shaped them into two of the most followed voices in the nation today. There’s no better drink to pair with this book than Canned Wine, which we all know is Georgia’s choice of drink when taping My Favorite Murder. But if canned wine isn’t your thing, then we suggest trying a bottle of 19 Crimes Red Blend (because the name literally speaks for itself). And honestly: what would the holidays be without a little wine to liven up the night?

Lionhearts by Nathan Makaryk

Poster Placeholder of - 49Lionhearts is a heroically riveting story of vengeance, redemption, war, and has some Game of Throne vibes. No drinks quite capture the essence of the Renaissance era quite like mead and beer, so those are necessities to pair with this book! Between this Holiday Mead Cocktail recipe or this Stout Hot Chocolate, you’ll definitely feel great tidings of comfort and joy.

An Irish Country Christmas by Patrick Taylor

An Irish Country Christmas is a cozy tale that takes place in the village of Ballybucklebo. While snow is rare in Ulsterand so are miraclesthat doesn’t mean they never happen! We feel this delightful story would go great with a drink that’s timeless and classic, like a nice Guinness and Pear Cocktail. Everything about this drink and book will warm you up from head to toe!

A Resolution at Midnight by Shelley Noble

Roasted chestnuts from vendor’s carts, fresh cut spruce trees lining the sidewalks, extravagant gifts, opulent dinners, carols at St Patrick’s Cathedral, a warm meal and a few minutes shelter from the cold at one of the charitable food lines . . .It’s the holidays in Gilded Age Manhattan! Set on New Year’s Eve, A Resolution at Midnight is a perfect, cozy mystery read for the holiday season. For a book this lavish, we suggest a drink that’s equally as fancy. This Holiday Spiced Mulled Wine is the perfect pair for a story as dazzling as this one!


And that’s a wrap! Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy treating yourself to these incredible reads and drinks during the upcoming holidays!


Holiday Treats for Your Holiday Reads

By Julia Bergen

What we all need this holiday season is to sit down with a book and some treats. It’s socially distanced, it’s relaxing, it’s everything you need right now. But what treats go with what book? No worries, friend, we’ve thought this out so you don’t have to. Now get back to decorating that tree/cooking that turkey/ordering that Indian food/living your best pandemic life.

Poster Placeholder of - 81A Resolution at Midnight by Shelley Noble – Champagne Truffles

Even if you’re not reading A Resolution at Midnight on New Year’s Eve, you can still feel like you’re ringing in the New Year with a champagne truffle. This historical mystery is set in Gilded Age Manhattan, right during Christmas season, and Shelley Noble is ready to transport you to the streets of Old New York. Just make sure to hold your pinky out while you eat your truffles; Lady Dunbridge is an aristocrat, after all!

Place holder  of - 43A Dog’s Perfect Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron – Peanut Butter Cookies

Bake some for yourself, and some canine-friendly peanut butter treats for your best fluffy friend. Not only are peanut butter cookies perfect for this book because dogs love peanut butter, but also because W. Bruce Cameron books are kind of the peanut butter cookie of your bookshelf. They’re sweet without being saccharine, they’re utterly delightful, and everybody loves them. Another good holiday treat for this book, if you’re into puns, peppermint BARK.

Placeholder of  -14And Now She’s Gone by Rachel Howzell Hall – Thumbprint Cookies

Since the protagonist of And Now She’s Gone is a PI, thumbprint cookies are the perfect treat for this fast-paced mystery. While the mystery of who left the thumbprint on your cookie is already solved, the mystery of how many thumbprint cookies you’ll eat is still unfolding! You’ll need a generous plate of these, because the last thing you’ll want to do while trying to find out whether Isabel Lincoln is missing or on the run is get up for another plate of cookies.

Image Place holder  of - 18An Irish Country Welcome by Patrick Taylor – Irish Shortbread Cookies

You’ll want an Irish treat as you immerse yourself in the village life of Ballybucklebo, where cozy stories happen 365 days a year. Preferably alongside a nice cup of tea for dipping. In this particular tale, doctor Barry Laverty and his wife Sue are anxiously awaiting their first child, while a new well-to-do fledgling doctor attempts to fit in with rough and tumble village life. That’s enough coziness to last you through 2022.

Image Placeholder of - 60South of the Buttonwood Tree by Heather Webber  – Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is the perfect holiday AND Southern dessert to make your reading experience perfect as you settle in to South of the Buttonwood Tree. Best served with a tall glass of sweet tea! Heather Webber perfectly creates the atmosphere of a small Southern town in Buttonwood, Alabama in this heartwarming story of magic, love, and family.


Forge Your Own Halloween Party!

Planning on staying home for Halloween and searching for that perfect bookish costume? Look no further! Your friends at Forge have put together a handy costume guide for every kind of reader!

Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark, hosts of the My Favorite Murder podcast

Halloween is a great time for Murderinos. And dressing up like Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, the authors of Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered and hosts of the wildly popular podcast My Favorite Murder is a great way to join in on Halloween fun while keeping it super stylish. Grab your favorite mid-century vintage dress and tights to achieve Georgia’s look. Don’t forget your can of wine and trusty sidekick, Elvis the cat. If you’re more of a Karen, we suggest a black dress (with pockets, of course) and a guitar for a prop. Top either costume off with a microphone to show you’re a podcast queen… and you might as well add that 20-foot tall skeleton with light-up eyes from Home Depot. 

Jennifer, Marketing Manager


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Flashback to Emerald City Comic Con last year where we saw these really great Karen and Georgia cosplays!


Bailey and Ethan from A Dog’s Purpose

Have you waited until the last minute to pull a costume together, and just need something to tell your family or socially-distanced friends that you’re dressed up as? If you’re a dog owner, I have the perfect no-effort costume idea for you! Since Bailey from A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron has lived many lives as many different dogs, any dog no matter the shape or size can be Bailey for the night! Now for your costume as Bailey’s owner: theoretically, you could wear whatever you want, since Bailey has had many names and many owners. If you want your costume to be Ethan, Bailey’s first owner in A Dog’s Purpose, you could don a flannel shirt, jeans, and some boots to make it look like you live on a farm, just like Ethan. Here’s me and my Bailey! 

Image Place holder  of - 73
A Christmas-themed picture, since we’re celebrating the release of A Dog’s Perfect Christmas!

Sarah, Digital Marketing Coordinator

Marion from Nottingham by Nathan Makaryk

There’s nothing quite as good as the thrill of DIY’ing your own Halloween costume! I mean, store-bought ones are cool and all, but putting together your own means you’ll stand out from the crowd! And while Halloween might be spent socially-distanced this year, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the fun of putting together your costume. If you’re looking every which way for a bookish character to dress up as but you’re having a hard time narrowing down an idea, I highly suggest drawing your inspiration from Nottingham and dressing up as Marion! If you love the Renaissance era and happen to have costumes lying around that you adorn when you visit local Ren Faires, then look no further; you’re all set! But if corsets and billowy, long dresses aren’t your thing, then you can easily DIY your costume with what you already have in your closet. If you’re riding in style as Marion, one thing to have on hand is a dress–preferably something with long, flowy sleeves. A long sleeved white shirt under a short sleeved/tank-style tunic would also work! Tall brown boots, a circlet crown or flower crown, a long skirt underneath, and a hooded cloak are the perfect accessories to help complete your look. Now you’re ready to go forth and be the finest Marion in all of the land! 

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Ariana, Assistant to VP. Marketing & Publicity

Lady Dunbridge from A Resolution at Midnight by Shelley Noble

A gilded age costume may seem intimidating, but you don’t have to wear a ball gown to dress as the countess/detective from Shelley Noble’s historical mystery novels. After all, Lady Dunbridge spends a lot of time searching New York for clues, so she has plenty of day dresses. To put together a costume from what you likely have at home, start with a neutral-colored maxi skirt, then pair it with one of those blazers from the back of your closet that you haven’t worn in months. Under the blazer, wear a high necked shirt, or if you have a shirt with lace on the front that works too. And of course, a Lady Dunbridge costume is not complete without a cocktail in hand, so you’ll need one of those. For the costume.

Julia, Associate Marketing Manager


Evan Ryder from The Nemesis Manifesto by Eric Van Lustbader

If your Halloween plans are looking like they might be lowkey this year, then a lowkey costume to match is the move. Evan Ryder from The Nemesis Manifesto has to wear comfortable but functional clothes – so you could wear this costume all Halloween day! In order to tap into this character created by Eric Van Lustbader, you will first need to step into some black pants (I wore black jeans, but whatever works), throw on a cashmere sweater and then a black leather jacket over it, and end with ankle boots. If you want to truly nail the look, Evan wears her up out of her face, so grab a ponytail holder to finish the look. 

Elizabeth, Marketing Intern

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