Holiday Treats for Your Holiday Reads

By Julia Bergen

What we all need this holiday season is to sit down with a book and some treats. It’s socially distanced, it’s relaxing, it’s everything you need right now. But what treats go with what book? No worries, friend, we’ve thought this out so you don’t have to. Now get back to decorating that tree/cooking that turkey/ordering that Indian food/living your best pandemic life.

A Resolution at Midnight by Shelley Noble – Champagne Truffles

Even if you’re not reading A Resolution at Midnight on New Year’s Eve, you can still feel like you’re ringing in the New Year with a champagne truffle. This historical mystery is set in Gilded Age Manhattan, right during Christmas season, and Shelley Noble is ready to transport you to the streets of Old New York. Just make sure to hold your pinky out while you eat your truffles; Lady Dunbridge is an aristocrat, after all!

A Dog’s Perfect Christmas by W. Bruce Cameron – Peanut Butter Cookies

Bake some for yourself, and some canine-friendly peanut butter treats for your best fluffy friend. Not only are peanut butter cookies perfect for this book because dogs love peanut butter, but also because W. Bruce Cameron books are kind of the peanut butter cookie of your bookshelf. They’re sweet without being saccharine, they’re utterly delightful, and everybody loves them. Another good holiday treat for this book, if you’re into puns, peppermint BARK.

And Now She’s Gone by Rachel Howzell Hall – Thumbprint Cookies

Since the protagonist of And Now She’s Gone is a PI, thumbprint cookies are the perfect treat for this fast-paced mystery. While the mystery of who left the thumbprint on your cookie is already solved, the mystery of how many thumbprint cookies you’ll eat is still unfolding! You’ll need a generous plate of these, because the last thing you’ll want to do while trying to find out whether Isabel Lincoln is missing or on the run is get up for another plate of cookies.

An Irish Country Welcome by Patrick Taylor – Irish Shortbread Cookies

You’ll want an Irish treat as you immerse yourself in the village life of Ballybucklebo, where cozy stories happen 365 days a year. Preferably alongside a nice cup of tea for dipping. In this particular tale, doctor Barry Laverty and his wife Sue are anxiously awaiting their first child, while a new well-to-do fledgling doctor attempts to fit in with rough and tumble village life. That’s enough coziness to last you through 2022.

South of the Buttonwood Tree by Heather Webber  – Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is the perfect holiday AND Southern dessert to make your reading experience perfect as you settle in to South of the Buttonwood Tree. Best served with a tall glass of sweet tea! Heather Webber perfectly creates the atmosphere of a small Southern town in Buttonwood, Alabama in this heartwarming story of magic, love, and family.