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March 2021 Forge eBook Deals

It’s a new month, so it’s time for a new round of Forge ebook deals! See below for what we have on sale for the whole month of March.

Dead West by Matt Goldman

Nils Shapiro accepts what appears to be an easy, lucrative job: find out if Beverly Mayer’s grandson is foolishly throwing away his trust fund in Hollywood, especially now, in the wake of his fiancée’s tragic death. However, that easy job becomes much more complicated once Nils arrives in Los Angeles, a disorienting place where the sunshine hides dark secrets.0000

Nils quickly suspects that Ebben Mayer’s fiancée was murdered, and that Ebben himself may have been the target. As Nils moves into Ebben’s inner circle, he discovers that everyone in Ebben’s professional life—his agent, manager, a screenwriter, a producer—seem to have dubious motives at best.

With Nils’ friend Jameson White, who has come to Los Angeles to deal with demons of his own, acting as Ebben’s bodyguard, Nils sets out to find a killer before it’s too late.

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Tower Down by David Hagberg

A mercenary killer blows up a pencil tower in Manhattan, sending it crashing down and killing hundreds of people. CIA legend Kirk McGarvey believes someone in the Saudi Arabian government, feeling the pinch of declining oil revenues combined with the escalating costs of defending the country’s borders against ISIS, is behind the attack. The Saudis hope to awaken America’s military might against ISIS.

No one in the White House or the CIA wants to believe that more Americans could die. McGarvey, his partner Pete Boylan, and his longtime friend, computer genius Otto Rencke, are certain that another attack is imminent. The trio must stop the killer before he strikes again.

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These sales end on 3/31/2021 at 11:59 pm.

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