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Meet the #FearlessWomen: Cas Russell from Zero Sum Game

Meet the #FearlessWomen: Cas Russell from Zero Sum Game

Place holder  of - 86Written by Lisa Ickowicz

Name: Cas Russell

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown, Curly

Marital Status: Single

Address: Unknown

Occupation: Retriever. She gets things back for people. And will take any job…for the right price.

Strengths: Cas Russell is good at math. Too good. She’s able to bring down armed men twice her size and whole motorcycle gangs using vector calculus. Momentum, velocities, objects in motion—these are her deadly weapons of choice. Also a skilled weapons expert, she can handle a .45 caliber and a 9 millimeter better than most police officers. She collects grenades and treats her favorite gun like a cherished pet. And when guns and other hardware aren’t available, she can turn a shard of broken windowpane or a houseplant into a deadly weapon.

Weaknesses: Though Cas is ruled by logic and mathematics, she can let her emotions get the best of her. She has a deep loyalty towards her allies. Linked to a ruthless mercenary known as Rio, she will put herself in harms way if anyone threatens him. She’s also not always the best judge of character and can let money cloud her judgment. As proven when she accepts a job that gets her mixed up with someone with a power even more dangerous than her own.

Evaluation: Cas Russell is not only very intelligent, highly skilled and fiercely independent. She is fearless. She is able to use quantum mathematics to shoot around corners, drive any vehicle anywhere, and fall off of buildings without getting hurt. She possesses the powers of a modern day superhero, and as such she is also somewhat flawed. Her moral compass continually sways back and forth between being highly loyal to her allies, having a soft spot for kids, yet not hesitating to leave a trail of dead bodies in order to accomplish her goal. Although she can solve almost any math equation, the one thing that she can’t add up is her own past. So she lives in the moment, taking one retrieval job after the next—getting anything back for anyone—if the price is right. Cas has faced many frightening enemies and she is about to face her most dangerous yet. Someone who wants to become the world’s puppet master. Someone that can reach directly into Cas’ own mind. And not having control of her own thoughts may be the one thing that puts her fearlessness to the test.

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